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Alex Carson: follow back
しぶき ほしの {Shibuki Hoshino}🐱: Okie~
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So...peeing in front of people and drinking toilet water wasn't enough for her? Is there anything worse than this???
Now what I can only think of is ' she is crazy to another level'
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Almsot Everyone: Author, What have you done with her hair!!!!🤧😟😭😭😭

Me: Chill, You guys Forgot Her Goal is To Get REVENGE. and from what I see she doesn't care at all,if she have done that to her hair because it doesn't change the fact she is Beautiful, smart, Brave and Gorgeous! 😍 To be honest I LOVE 😍 her new hair! 😘 it will grow back tho😘😘, and I love how she does her REVENGE in her own way.
and for ME I really Like her new appearance! 😘
and I guess after 50 or 40+ Chapters she will grew her hair back (I'm guessing not sure), tho others may not Agree with me but I want her and bo qingang to get pass their problems together. because isn't it Great listening to Eachothers problem? and go through it together. ❤️ it may not Happen but it's okay it's my Own Opinion. 😅
because she said "not to inform Bo QinGang"

So Yeah, Lin Suer You GO GIRL! 😘 WE SUPPORT YOU! 💕

Mr. Bo, Keep an Eye to your Girl, Take Care of her, love her properly and treat her with respect! 😘
DramaXie: yeah but short hair is really convenient, I cut my hair short at least once a year because having long hair is such a hassle that I part with it for a while to get a break😂. Well we each have our own preferences on this so to each their own☺💕
just another earthling 😊🌱: Well to be honest I don’t think I would regret if I cut my hair I can decided what do style my hair up in seconds without wasting time ☹️ TvT I have curly hair so it more difficult for me n my hair is long TvT
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From wat I can see, Qin Yuyan and Lin suer are siblings/twins.
# they both r of same age, after suer's birth suer's mom died. so she cannot give birth later after FL born. if she had given birth to any other child other than FL means it means FL is one of the twin.
# Qin Yuyan is brought up by Qin haosan. and he is not a bio logical son. as Qin haosan was not able to produce an off spring, he wanted someone to inherit his assets.
so he had to adopt one.
# Lin suer's mom was taken away by Qin haosan while she was pregnant. if he definitely wanted a heir to his assests, he should have adopted our Fl, when she is newly born. but he didn't do it, instead he gave away suer and suer's mom to Lin aotian. becaz she had given birth to twins and one of them is a boy baby. a boy baby is more good than a girl baby in the case of heir.
# just my assumption😅: they both have same eye color and hair color.
# 😅and also author as stated that he is a good boy unlike Qin haosan
Claudia Vency: Yeah! I think so too
Crazy joker: Hello guys, sorry to disturb you, can you please check out my novels if you are free
1. Ten faced boyfriend (Bl novel)
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ok I have few things to say .

1) Thank you mangatoon and author and translator for the upspree. We the fans are really Happy 😊.

2) It's good app is giving more chapters for the new comics and story is not dragging or lagging in so many chapters so keep up the good work.

3) many are suspect this so I will also theorize that lin sure and win yuhan are biological twins and her father might be someone powerful. & orange head guy might force suer in future but she is wise and will chose Bo.

4) Bo and ch Siang are step brother from different father mither is same I think. so no is searching her and she might be related to suer mother's death I think.
Chinki Bhanwar: i seriously want nxt chpter
Kailalavender - Instagram 🎨: Same. Agree. ♥️💯✔️
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Alex Carson
i like it better instead the fl's rom going round in circles with no love and drama.. like wth is going on in the manga if the fl is strong okay u can be but we r reading rom manga for rom.. u see it😑😑

I think everyone s opinion should be respected but i m against those who said it was wrong cuz as u can see here she does whatever she wants even took advantage of him at the start and when he is her patient she does everything even unknowingly but she does it..

And guys.... wait wait wait the most imp thing the serious threat here r coming and also that 2nd ml.. i dont beleive u dont hate the 2nd ml at all..
Ognapul Legna: one of my fave manga❤❤❤
Sophia: I agree with you. I know the FL is a strong character. But I always feel like she is using the ML. And what can I say about the second ML! I find him irritating from the very beginning. There are so many manga where the FL is strong, but they also have a good relation with the ML. Like in the “Divine Doctor”, the FL is super strong, but still I love that character ❤️ Heng is a sweetheart. But here... I’m gradually loosing my interest...
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To Lin suer:
I am one of your true die hard fan. You are the best. You are not only confident but also self-esteemed. I like you so much beacusw you have proved so many times that a girl can be strong no matter what circumstance are. You are determined, hard-working and vivacious personality. You are a horse of long race who not aims to win but also sptecularly enormous to win over those various hurdles in the long run. Doesn't matter if you have long hair or short hair or even no hair you will be the best because you have such a sparkling demeanour that you will make attracted every person through your beautiful objectives in your life.
B🐰U🐰N🐰N🐰Y: thank you 😊
Nerdicorn: Wooowwww!! Dude u should b an author! Ur descriptions r so good!!
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lin chen xue
OMG ..thank you Soo much author for the crazy update.
and the story is getting more and more interesting. the art is improving day by day. this is one of my favourite comics. and also......I feel a bit uncomfortable when it comes to our fl. in this comic I don't think she has shown kindness to any of the characters .she is always Soo cold to everyone and she is only playful when she is alone.but doesn't show it to anyone. even if it is needed for a cold fl , I don't see any softness within her.but even though the story is stunning.....I love it....thanks author.we will support you . saranghae 💜
Tsarina Van Der Woodsen: Hi, what is the name of the novel?
Em: What’s the raw novel called
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sahar moqadam
I don't find this aggressive or disrespectful to fl because they have been intimate in several occasions before and he had even proposed to her before and also it is not the first time he has confessed to her... and clearly she can stop him or any other man if she wants, she also likes the ml but is a bit ignorant, it is good that ml is direct and straightforward in so many other mangas they don't say how they feel to each other and a lot of misunderstandings happen and sometimes a 3rd party come in between and so on...
psycho kid: She likes him, she is just processing it. It’s normal to be in stage of denial lol. But this manga is not that dramatic which is good. They aren’t taking too long to express their feelings. They are doing it right. I like how both of them can be flirty lol. I hate it when leads won’t confess their emotions . I agree with you guys. 🤍
Kpop's life✌️🥰: I can’t agree more
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Mystical Phoenix
Bo qingang- pays 100 million and for the photos and burns them

me: who don't even know how many zeroes are in one million be like ah rich people I can't understand them
Minitte_A: indeed
Mylei V: 100 million wasted to be burn you know school would not been on my vocabulary
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Misty Plume
Here's my guess. Lin Ruoer's mother probably poisoned Lin Suer's mother in order to marry Lin Aotian, Lin Suer's father, for money. It's all a scheme for a bigger game. However, Lin Suer will make them both pay for what they've done because one, she is boootiful and two, she's got our boy, Bo Qingang, backing her. It's all going to work out and one day, they'll both get married and have beautiful babies together. Also, if you are reading this, Bo Qingang, if you DARE hurt our girl Suer, you are going to be answering to me, understood? I know who you are and where you live so FIGHT ME! ps try out my fanfictions. I've written one based on Spicy Wife's Reborn World so try it out and tell me what you think of it!
✧༺❤수정천체❤༻✧: Oh if he dares to hurt our fl I'll bring hell to him🤗🔪
Serid (offline again): would you please check out my novel..
1. Money is not an issue
2. The Legacy of Monster and
3. Jokes all on.
thank you for reading my comment as well
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love me like you do 💗
honestly I didn't love the haircut but I love the sincerity that bo feels toward her as no matter what he is willing to love her .
well thanks my dear author for the crazy update I hope her hair became longer actually we wished to see her with a new look I loved the first chort hair (when she cut it in front of her so called dad ) then it's been moving quickly like a shorter hair . when I'm looking at suer being kissed it seems like BL and sorry but I don't love BL well it's my opinion and thank you if you read this 💕 😗
🖤💖🔥ROSLEXEXEYZIAZY🔥💖🖤: I'm agree with you💖
I FiNaLlY got ze BaLl People!!: Lmao i was thinking abt the same thing 😂😂. For a moment there it felt like bl but if u were to look at la chest ull be brought back to reality again🍵. Tho I kinda love her short hair since it's kinda refreshing, dont get to see fls with that short of a hair everytime right👀?
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♥️Fairy Tailer♥️
Sure... of course... he is a wonderful ml isn’t he now? Of course r*ping our strong mc is the perfect way to ship the two of them isn’t it? WRONG!!!! This ain’t the fking way and I hate it. It ain’t h*ntai so why is the author trying to make it into one? No nice male lead and just s*x? That’s a very bad way for us to ship them. Our mc is supposed to be strong, right? Why isn’t she fighting back? This is getting frustrating and if she gets r*ped, I’ll lose all respect for this story. I might even stop reading it.
xXEndless_ForeverXx: Okay, I understand. sorry for the misunderstanding you. 😅😅
♥️Fairy Tailer♥️: Well, that day when I wrote the comment I overreacted cuz that very day I saw too many very sh*tty male lead so when I saw that good ml started acting like that, I lost my mind.
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That Lil girl rated her F because she knows our lin suer is 100000000000000000000000x better than her. Her talent and performance are better from the other contestants. girl don't underestimate her, and don't use Dirty tricks Her Husband is SO POWERFUL, you'll die in a stare.

anyway that little girl looks like a Loli. 🤣🤣
Jhullyhen Frolich: hahaha but she don't have a husband for now.
so now she don't have a husband.
Kitt¥¢aT: i-skull? What does it mean?
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Hold up! Okay! so that seaweed guy (whatever his name is) said that Qin Yuhan was adopted by the guy who killed the fl's mother. And while that treatment the Fl's mother was pregnant. And if you look at that Qin Yuhan guy and our FL Lin suer then you can see the similar look they have. Soooooooooo is Qin Yuhan and Lin suer twins!!??? if that is true then it will bring a big twist to this story

whatever I have wrote on top is just my guess. it is not like I know what will happen and I am just spoiling the story. So please don't take this as a spoiler
Saniya Khan
I wish that Lin suer argue with Bo QingHan because what if she's a girl? she can do anything.. she doesn't need Bo QingHan in anything.. she's cunning,intelligent,beautiful,talented,outstanding and a miracle healer and she also have that jade pendant so she doesn't need Bo QingHan with anything.. 🙂🖤🖤🔥🔥 our Lin suer is so damn F*cking outstanding 🔥🔥
Jhullyhen Frolich: yes that's my point.
I WISH and I want so many twists
I want so many enemies that's ok because I know
till the end they are the perfect match...
xXEndless_ForeverXx: I don't think she is Forbidden I mean she already died on her world for refining pills? yeah I only remember that.. so Yeah she is reincarnated and the body is hers now like any other FL she will have the right to do that since it is her body now. the problem is it's just he became her patient, and remember what her master said "being inlove with a patient could become a fatal wound. " that's why she trys to avoid intimate reactions with him. we all know she loves him back, and she is willing to cure him❤️❤️💕.
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Saniya Khan
dear author.. I kindly, gently, heartly requesting you.. Can you please make a crazy update for this world's best comic "spicy wife's reborn world" 🙂🙂
and I actually curious about something.. what if Lin suer's pet tiger also reincarnation in the same time and the same world like Lin suer? and this time what if the tiger reincarnated into a handsome, dashing, rich, wealthy man too... please can you do this 🙂 I wasted my 2 nights just because of this comic.. I badly want to know what will happen next.🙂🖤🖤
♥️Fairy Tailer♥️: Oh. Don’t mind if I ask, what are you talking about? I mean I just told why I like manhwa better than manhua, didn’t say that others need to believe what I believe. So I don’t get which comment of mine made you mention me?
Dol Snal lol: Ummm it's one person own perspective so if she/he think best then it's best for her/him
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Nokas _Hp78
I have some things to say:

The class teacher is hot tho. 😳

I can't believe he dressed up for her because of what she said! 😂

I kinda feel bad for the red haired guy..
We all know he won't end up with her.
Although I don't want them to be toguether, I feel bad for him.
But it's ok, he doesn't need her.
He can have me instead!
Nokas _Hp78: Bruh 🤣😂
leah pine☁️: you go to the red haired guy i go for the assistant hahaha
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Ren Vinteen
well im glad and disappointed. happy she never had a second thought to forgive them even if the lipstick was clean i never accept it but disappointed that that was the mom great plan she cant run away from....i mean REALLY lipstick that be EASY TO AVOID! who in the right mind would trust you with gifts. i wish you come up with something way better so that the ML could get a chance with her in bed....i said nothing XD
KC: XD 😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Comic reader: aren't we all😏
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neko senpai
ML becomes dumb when it comes to lin suer to the point he believes the nonsense that rouer was spouting .😑 Don't he know her personality? 😓If she really liked song yuan zhi , why would she be willing to kiss him and do intimate things that make me blush? 🙄A girl truly in love would nvr kiss another man other than her lover unless if she was forced to. 😡Bringing yuanzhi breakfast, accompanying yuanzhi before and after school?😱Bullshit! Our FL is a coolheaded stunning beauty like feng jiu from ghostly doctor!😍As she will use her time to do smth nonsensical things like that!😖
neko senpai: yeah!tats why i think he really became an idiot
Ren Vinteen: ....who was Song again...wasnt he the guy who was engaged to her and the sister? WASNT THE ML THERE WHEN SHE BLOW HIM TO THE CURVE! why would he believe she still like him
total 7 replies
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