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Romance / CEO / Mystery / Urban romance / Supernatural / Girl Power / Sweet / Possessive / Moder
Author Name: iCiyuan

Reborn in pursuit of revenge, I am sure I can easily achieve my goal, as— I happen to be as rich as Bill Gates, as beautiful as Audrey Hepburn, and as deadly as deadpool. However, none of these above works when it comes to dealing with a sweating and panting CEO, who is poisoned, who is in need of "immediate relief." I'd love to help, but...don't pull an ice-cool face when you're kissing me, sir! MangaToon got authorization from iCiyuan to publish this content, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.

Positive Reverse
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Updated to Chapter 239    /    (68686)
 Updated to Chapter 239 
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Ml's assistant is so funny

it went from this to that👇

Meljean Armada: yesss true hahahha.
Juliet EZE: oh my God your Nina sze
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Time travel(from ancient time to modern time)✔✔
Bossy CEO✔
Girl power✔✔✔
The FL is strong hence she will face the ML with any difficulties......if he is overbearing, bossy CEO. If ML is sweet then also it is fine. But her enemies are going to face are not going spared😌

Interesting manhua

Grace Hyman: GraceHyman is going with what do you don’t wanna do
Fg C C f
Sad girl: Hii friends , please read my 1st novel A DAY I'LL NEVER FORGET ❤️❤️❤️
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I really hate pink , I don't know why(some)girls like it so much , I am a girl
pink is OK
but everything in pink will make
Mayumi Canete: so uhhh,,i hate pure pink but if you add black with it i love it #Blackpink in your area
Neetu bala: Jennie
total 371 replies
the green haired guy looks like a germ in the toilet in a commercial called domex
not your typical lead: HAHAHAHHAHA THIS IS SO FUNNY
total 61 replies
♡@®m¥ b|!πk♡
is she even a human I think she is a monster
looks like a monster
steals like a monster
kills like a monster
smiles like a monster
scared like a monster
because she is a monster
little deng: And I love this monster
❤️🤗😘😍Anime lover😍😘🤗❤️: the Fl's is a monter
total 49 replies
Sally🥰😘: 😂😂😂😂oh god
Sneha AM: please don't remember me of that scary subject
total 72 replies
Pretty Pretty SAVAGEEEE!
Alita Ishno: meeeeee, I'm a blink 💖
Mayumi Canete: is anyone here a BLINKS lemme know guys....(other than me)
total 63 replies
author please make more manga with this kind of FL ill be your follower hehhe
Meljean Armada: meeeeeee tooooooo
Lyy Tepp: me me me me me me me me me me me to to to to to to toooooo
total 31 replies
yeah he does take a pills behind your back that pills called kissperin😂
FOLLOW FOR A FOLLOW♥️🦋♥️💀: like aspirin 🤣🤣😭😭😭

no he took Intensivekissperin
Lyy Tepp: kissperin is a really nice name
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She has a shameless father
Shameless step sister
Shameless fiance

And I bet...her step mother is shameless to
MAKFUZA KATUN RINA BINTI ABDULLAH Moe: yeah but she have all the power to control them so don't worry she got this
Urvi: Lol her sister is the most ugliest thing I have ever seen
total 34 replies
Rias Fernando
Our FL is like a devil. But I like it. she is so strong and smart.
gem: speaking of devil, do any of you guys have natural vampire teeth...when i was in middle school people use to make fun of me
Gungun kashyop: smart
total 24 replies
Other guys: Who dare touch my girl?
Him: ignore them
Her: what about you
Him: I wanna try the kitchen, bathroom and balcony..

ME: OMG do you understand what he just said😂😂😂😂📌Striaght to the point..😂😂
Equalstothree: i don't, but don't tell me, I'm only 13
후 메 라 Humming Moon {Crazy}: I understand it 🤣🤣
total 53 replies
Nadia Matodo
ohhh. what rules?? Im curious 🤔
Bala Gopikha: do she really know about rules of manga
Neithiria: The ones according to which she should lay down helplessly while he harasses her
total 23 replies
Andrei Marcus Alonzo
um.. excuse me someone stole your girl..he has red hair .... he look like male ariel
Londen Green: you can't deny he hot
Destini Cruz: 😍 damn please don't be 2 male lead cause I swear the 2 mL always get friends zone when they give up everything for the FL
total 36 replies
that wolf and rabbit in the background 😁😂
Lyy Tepp: that was what I'm going to say You just read my mind That's what I say all the time because everyone Alway say what I say this is all stupid right now I'm wasting my time I only have 23% of my battery left bye
Londen Green: Yea I saw it too
total 19 replies
SM Devil
red means danger. So don't mess with her suckers 😏
Kim Taehyung: yeah...she likes red did you notice it
김 조사네💜💜💜Fidelity 292$: like in the other episodes too 😉💜
total 31 replies
what a perfect birthday gift for a b***h
Aira Nicole Aguilar: the best birthday gift ever in the history of manga's...lol
cloud: best gift ever for her
happy birthday b****
total 15 replies
OMG!😂😂😂she look like an ugly monster 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Aira Nicole Aguilar: indeed..well said HAHAHA
ButterBlox Gaming: she looks like a monster pig 🐷
total 40 replies
Black_Rose~ chan~♡
i like this solution better tbh
Sally🥰😘: same here😋😋😋😋😏😏😏😏😏😎😎😎😎😈😈😈
《♡~오신 ~♡》: You will get to see it soon ÚwÚ
total 31 replies
Bayleigh Rutherford
i have a feeling that im not the only one screenshotting
YknowMeh?: ...heh heh heh 😏
Sofia Angela: I simp 😃 for her and mellisa
total 117 replies
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