Dragon Prince Yuan
Fantasy / Adventure

Dragon Prince Yuan

Weitian Culture
Dragon Prince Yuan
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Dragon Prince Yuan Comics Online. He has only three years left, his cultivation meridians sealed, bloodline hunted down, homeland torn apart, and his fate—to be devoured by the sparrow and python.
Unable to train like ordinary cultivators do, he picks up a brush and rewrites his destiny.

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Dante Azure Angelo
I’d rather have less uploads and longer episodes like martial arts supremacy. This is seriously a waste of points at this point, 10 points for 3 seconds of reading is not worth it, I stayed in hopes that they’d fix this issue at some point but seriously.
Yuji0009 Sakai
guys don't be fooled by mangatoon it only is 119 episode it has more episode in website I'm starting reading there for free in here they haven't reached 150 episode yet this chapter is only 118 -119 chapter in website and in there are more episode then this mangatoon
Xecrest: Search yuan zun on mangatx
sakthi: which website!?😏
total 5 replies
Priyabrata Sur
dont get too worked up people his soul is gonna be saved by a treasure and taken by the guy black hooded elder so he can still be reincarnated
Dharylle Torio: where do you read it
Dharylle Torio: wtf dude I was happy for a second then you tell us that but thanks cause I might throw my phone if I didn't know in advance
total 5 replies
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