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The Deserted Woman

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Princess Hinata
Now, this is going too much far.. The big sister always wins by her bad deeds, the little sister is always suffering.. Everything has limits, but in this manhua the situation is crossing the limits. Every person around her misunderstands her and she easily keeps up with it.. Is it very logical??? The revealation should be occured as soon as possible.
The FL is so weak. She tolerates her sister's bad behaviour and torturing like a fool..If I were in her place, i would rather slap this sister and take back my child without staying with the ML... To my point of view, people need not to be good to those evil people who always cause them harm.. For my right, I should learn how to fight back because by tolering those bad people I will get nothing in back.. At first, I should know how to love myself and then I should learn to love other who are my well-wishers...

Dear author, your story is really amazing.. There is not doubt about your tallent and creativity but I think you should make FL more strong.. You also should try to reveal the truth as soon as possible. The more you want strengthen the story without revealation, the more reader will loss interest to read your manhua.. I am just expressing my own opinion to speak the truth but not to critisize the author and the other readers.. If there is any person who is angry about my comment, please accept my apology...
ZYX: thank you so much for saying all of this. I already unsubscribe this long time ago because I read the raw and it was so disappointing. The author must be dumb for taking this story long in this situation. it sucks.
Gentle : Thats why i don't like democratic system because a thief get tolerance by have a court date by date and a few days in prison but later whola the thief is free again and what ever he wants to do can do. same goes here for lena she is being tolerated by kate doing the same exact thing over and over without any hesitation kate sould launch a real counter attack to get the job done in a flash.
Lina must tast a real suffering as well as a thief need to suffer alose huge enough to make him stop stealing him self.
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Princess Hinata
Actually, the life is like this. People like nate always sacrifices silently for others but never get anythings in return.. That is the harsh reality of life!!!!! In reality, most of the girls and boys love those boys and girls who cause them pain and sorrows. But most of the people actually don't know how to treasure a person who truely loves them..We love those people who give us pain but we don't actually care about those people who truely treasure us...
Princess Hinata: I also read it on another website since i don't have sufficient point to read on manga toon..
Inyne: ya! I agree, she's sooo seductive like a real woman unlike another FL who're always so shy.
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Honey candy
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Kate really doesn't have a backbone. We're going in circles here. I don't know when or if she'll ever be able to stand up for herself. She keeps on giving in to those who bullies her especially that annoying sister of hers. First of all, after one person abruptly charged into her office she didn't do anything about it. And then she let it happen again with her sister. I mean, isn't it a big / established company? Are there no securities here people?? No one is guarding the entrance?? So they just let anyone and everyone enter the boss's office. And yet tann wasn't able to go in? Is he weak? He was able to forcefully kiss and drag Kate around though. Just tell someone or anyone yucheng is your kid and friggin fight for him. Take him back. You keep letting him be under your sister's care. That's why she can always use that to threat you. And yet you let it happen anyway and beg her not to harm the kid. Ugh. Come on man, one moment you're determined to get back everything that belonged to you, the next moment you're like this weak and pathetic woman like you always have been, which is also the root cause to all your problems you're having now. I've had enough of this. Don't get me wrong, it's a really good comic, but I'm getting tired of this going in circles. I'm out bruhs.
Peter Crispina: I really hate the author boooo!!! Not good story and to much hardships for the side of the mc. I hate it unsubscribe and the story is just going in circles she is a attorney by the way and she has no brains the same with the autor boooo! No star for me
Peter Crispina: I really hate the author boooo!!! Not good story and to much hardships for the side of the mc. I hate it unsubscribe and the story is just going in circles she is a attorney by the way and she has no brains the same with the autor boooo! No star for me
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⚠️Spoiler alert!!⚠️

Lin Han's wife is someone close to Kate, and the girl calls Kate Aunty. devil daughter of Lin Han loses her pet, so Kate helps her find her puppy. kate finally found kitten by the pool when she suddenly heard a loud bang. Kate got startled and fell into the pool but she couldn't swim. Just then, Tann shing jumps into the pool and helps Kate out. Lin Han's wife ran to her and helped her while Tann shing gave Kate his coat because she was soaking wet. The girl took Kate to change. While she got changed into a purple dress, Kate looked at herself and thought -"This dress is too exposing". So, she decided to change back and was unzipping her dress when suddenly someone stepped in the room. Kate flinched and turned back to see that it was Tann shing who walked into the room. Kate got awkward and said-"Thanks about earlier, but I'm changing right now so can you please go out?" Tann shing ignoring about what she just said , stepped closer to her but Kate stepped back.. This continued until her back bumped into the table, and that was when Tann shing pinned her on the table. Kate getting frightened asked Tann shing about what he was gonna do when Tann shing replied -"You know what I'm gonna do-" Tann shing was cut off by a statement -"Uncle Tann shing is gonna kiss Aunty Kate". Both Tann and Kate turned around to see that it was the devil daughter.....
J🅰️zzie: Mmmmmmmmmm
yanzy Lustico: upspree !!!
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Rose Capuso
i'm really patient about this manga unlike most of the others.. I'm expecting Allot from this manga.. It is my top one favourite mangas of all... Some says that it's starting to become boring and they lose interest.Well i just guess it's because of slow update.. It's true because i get bored with other mangas because they're really slow to become updated... But This manga is different for me.. Even though the pace of the story is slow and a lot more things was getting misunderstanding, I can feel the Truth is slowly comming from hiding really soon. I can relate this manga with "Bringing The National Husband home". They both have big misunderstanding but good thing is, the truth comes out slowly in a good way and there was perfect happy ending. I suggest u to read it guys! So i'm expecting alot from "Deserted Woman" I really really LOVE This Manga.. And for the record... I love Tann and Kate to be to be together.. I just can't wait for Tann to realize that he fall inlove with Katie hueuehuehuehue... To those TAnnkatie Shippers, ya'll shout "LONG LIVE KATE AND TANN!"
Layla : me too it's for the first time i love this manga ever 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘
Gwendolyn Iris: yah I wish too
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Princess Hinata
I have thought that finally tann is improving.. But I was wrong..😑😑😑😑..How can he accuse of kate again?? Can not he use his brain properly?? He already knew that kate was remaining at tann's residence when yucheng was baby. Fine, he was deceived by lina.. But when tann knew that kate was pregnant before, why can't he relate the her pregnancy matter with yucheng?? He also knew that lina is liar but what he is doing?? He is really dumb. In stead of speaking politely, he just accused kate as greedy women and suspected her relationship with nate.. So annoying ML!!

On the other hand, kate proves her stupidity again.. She can take this chance about speaking the truth.. But no!! Again hide and seek!! She is willingly just trapped by lina. Why can't she understand that lina will have nothing to do after exposing the truth...?? Ridiculous FL!!

Sylvia is better than them. I wish sylvia was here and gave them some advise..😑😑😑
🐣Ditche🐣: I think the author wants to prolong the story that’s why she/he are like that. I gotta be honest early Kate I hated her so much I couldn’t stand reading this and I have to force myself to. Now she have a little back bone and can stand up against her sister. What I’m trying to say is that as long as characters keep developing possibilities can be endless. 🙂
eufreaks: yeah, still he's dumb idiot.😂😂😂
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Princess Hinata
I actually don't understand what does kate want??? Isn't she mother of yucheng??? She does not accept nate's help..On the other hand, she is not taking any step against her sister to punish her and take back her child.. She is easily bullied by her sister. Sometimes I think she actually feels happy to be bullied by her sister. In a word, she really enjoy to suffer by her sister. She actually feels better to tolerate rather than avoiding miseries..To my point of view, she is not a normal human now...🙄🙄🙄🙄.

On other hand, Tann is really stupid... His brain is full of cow's muck...Even a cow is clever than tann.. At least, a cow can understand what is going on around his environment but tann is not capable of understanding it.. When he knows about that the nanny who lived in his house and kate are the same person why can't he relate yucheng's relation with kate?? He can only misjudge a person but he can't utilize his common sense.. What a miserable guy!!!!..

Nate's mother is really amazing.. Every woman will be lucky enough to get a mother in law like nate's mother...
Gwendolyn Iris: I TOLD YOU KATE IS STUPID! LIKE LOL NATE HELPED HER MANY TIMES.... and ouch like he got friend zoned
Vivienne Elise Nur : Love u. At least there’s someone like you who understands me so well ;)
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I think the story is getting back on track. I understand that the story must be dragging on and on, but saying that in the comments must really hurt the author. I honestly think, the waiting time for each ch stretches it out longer, but if you reread everything so far, it flows faster!
Put yourself in Kate’s position. Lina is threatening to spoil him or something, idk. So she’s afraid to fight bc she would hurt her son. Although, you guys do have a point, these characters dense af, Kate is probably a bit stuck. Think about it, her whole life consisted of her being a total pushover. That’s a habit she hasn’t broken. She also wants to some things on her own. That’s another habit. She tries not to accept help. These traits are obstacles.
As for Tann Shing, he might just be dumb or sum. We don’t know a lot about him to conclude factors of why he is so dang judgmental, but maybe it’s just his personality. He’s cold to most as well. He also probably doesn’t want to even think about some possibilities, keeping them buried.
In conclusion, it’s characters probably realize it, but it’s so buried down below.
Sophie xo: Thank you!
🐰Bubble🐰: thankss🤗🤗❤️❤️
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Nate is not so stupid 👌. He put Kate in front of her lies!😤 Kate doesn't deserve to be a mother 😒. You want to keep secret from his biological father because of your ego and doesn't want to fight for your own son! We can see how Nate is hurts because of her revelation but also because she is bounded to Tann Shing with Yucheng, being their son.This secretary is such useless : as professional you should not reveal your boss's personal life😒
Another misunderstanding is coming with Nate and Tann ! This time, Nate if you want to help her, just solve the misunderstanding by clearing the relation between Kate and you even if your pride is hurt to admit that she can not be with you. You need to move on and stay as her supportive friend to trap Lina
SSamir: Kate is not some uneducated person from who knows where. Assuming she’s smart enough to pass her bar exam to be qualified as a lawyer, even if she doesn’t know the details of Lina’s plan, the obvious fact is, Lina is always up to no good. And it’s very obvious that she will always use Yucheng as a leverage to held Kate down. So a plan must be devised where she can’t use Yucheng to continue threatening Kate. And that is to exposed herself/Kate as the mother. In the beginning no one might believe her, but given her background as “not just anybody” it will raise enough doubt for whomever that is related to do something. Namely Mr SmartyPants Tan to actually do a cross DNA test between Yucheng and Lina. As a lawyer, Kate should know that raising doubts are crucial part in a court room. It triggered questions. When there are questions, people will want to know the answer. Either it’s true that she’s the mother or not, the point is people will start researching and demands confirmation. That’s a good start. If you don’t start pushing the wheel, when will it start rolling? But apparently Lina is very powerful with a bunch of henchman (just one stupid guy by the way) and a mass of wealth she could use (she has nothing by the way, the wealth is Tans) so Kate can only endures.
J🅰️zzie: I feel like Nate is the only some what smart one in this manga
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♡Fofo chan♡ اردنية✌🏻
OMG Lina just die from jealousy, isn't it enough what you did before to your sis, you took her own CHILD, she suffered a lot, can't she be happy for some time and enjoy her fame, ah JUST GO DIE LINA, I'M PRETTY MUCH SURE SHE'S THE ONE WHO PUSHED HER, JUST DIE FROM JEALOUSLY WHEN YOUR HUSBAND SAVE HER YOU B***H
♡Fofo chan♡ اردنية✌🏻: yeah totally right lol😂
S@vAgE AF..: I can see that u spit all angry out in this one comment
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respected author ,
I would like to address you in kind words that tann shing is not a suitable person for Kate and my opinion is that, in normal comics usually the hero ends up with the female lead in the poster but we want a change and maybe we can expect that from you. Nate is not the hero but maybe it can be changed. You have that power. please Nate and Kate would make a lovely couple.
with love and respect
B. Ambareesha
(author of our stars will collide )
Anonymous: I think it would be great if mate was gay (I love bl) so Kate can be with tan
Tamilore Ajakaiye: I personally feel like Nate would end up with someone with completely different personality traits. but don't get me wrong I love nate
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Princess Hinata
It is matter of great of happiness that Tann utilized his brain this time so perfectly.. I hope he is capable to find the truth as soon as possible..

Well, In the previous chapters, I always commented about kate and Tann but I have never commented on Lina because I hate her so much I really feel discusting to talk about her..

Actually, in reality, there are some people like lina who can easily lie within a minute in this world.. But the interesting part is that they have the capability to tell the lies in a way that the people believe it easily.. Person like Lina can easily trick other by their dangerous lies.. The can tell the lies so beautifully that every person takes it as true sentence. But it is matter of great regret that People like Lina can live happily in this world..Actually the good persons are always the sufferer like kate. Although Kate is stupid, but I can't deny the fact that Kate is really a good person. But her problem is she is too kind with evil person like lina for that reason lina has done many evil things with kate for many years..If kate was a little bit strong and intelligent person, then she would not suffer by lina.

In the end, I hope the revealation of truth to all people as soon as possible...☺☺☺. I want a death punishment for lina.
Princess Hinata: you are right..
Pilus ❤ Si Chenkun😘: I think that Kate's father love Lina more than Kate, too. 😑
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Princess Hinata
I have some comments about the characters of the story...
1. Tann: I am really confused with this guy.. He is insulting kate, on the other hand he is kissing kate?? What has he proven by kissing kate?? Is not it very lame?? He is so stupid.. His observe power is too low for him to identify what is going on beside him.. Does not he notice and identify about the baby??? He has now known that the nanny and the kate are both same person.. Has not he ever understood that there is a possibility of kate being mother of his child?? On the other hand, Tann is very egostic. He suspects a person wrongly without judging her. He never try to talk with kate but he has just misuderstood her again and again.. Is it very logical?? I am actually confused with this guy..
2. Kate: Kate is really so ediot and naive. She is giving chances to her sister to bully her more.. To my point of view, kate should fight for her baby when her sister takes her baby to tann's family for her own achievment after the baby's born. When kates found out, she should have gone to the house and take her child and leave this place forever... Fine, she has tolerated. But having a hard experience and suffering, she has not changed a bit. She has remained the same person. Why is she tollering her sister so much?? To my point if view, she should take DNA test and punish her sister because there is no need to be polite to this type of people who are shamless and selfish..

That's all about my comment....🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
dont ruin my ship: sorry not trying to be rude I'm just an inpatient person and blunt
dont ruin my ship: idk, I just said that someone said that we could read it on another web but idk because they never told me!
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Tc Me.
Poor Nate

Soujonyaa Datta: Nateeeee!!!!!!!❤❤❤
Gi: My baby Nate deserves all the good in this shitty world
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This chapter made my heartache a lot. I try to look from Katie perspective, she has fear to lose her son, which show that she really loves him. She wants to take her son back, but Lina using psychological attacks and because of the promise she made with her father. She restrained by a lot of things. She wants, but she afraid and maybe still not prepared yet but we should cherish her progress. In reality also, when the mother left her children for a long time... they will put the blame on themselves. The same goes for Katie.

and Yucheng must feel betrayed as he was hidden by the truth for a long time. He suffered a lot as he doesn't get the love and care of his 'mother' (in this case Lina). He may blame himself too, thinking that he is a bad boy. That's why his mother doesn't like him or giving him any attention.

I don't know but Tan Shing as the male lead is too passive. His aggressive to pursue Katie but too leisure about things happen in his house.
Salo More: Lina sucks as a mother, I bet Yucheng would be relieved that Katie is his mother lol
òümâïmã (sweet Tunisian girl) 🇹🇳💓🇹🇳: that is the painful part that I can't bear it .... I hate Tann .. his personality makes me sick 😩😠
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Tima Thongam
in other manga....most of the male leads are perverts and lustful that reveals their emotions by sexual harassing the female lead and eventually ends up with that pervert male lead.And here on the other hand this Kate so called lawyer has got the world most decent guy who respects her endlessly ,is still not ready to accept him but ready to misunderstands him.she not only got one guy but two guys (mate Holland) who truly love her with pure heart.and she is busy throwing tantrums to their feelings.and about revenge....that's bullshit ,what has she done so far as a mother or as a lover,she just keeps on allowing her cruel sister torture her in the name of her son yucheng😏😏😏.now everything is on her hand if she wants to reveal the truth then she can do it in a sec...but don't know what she is upto still seeking for revenge as if she's gonna do it immediately while she's done nothing at all.
xCeasarxCanariax: Yeah that’s right that’s why she should tell me the truth like RIGHT NOW
mimi: but the father of Yucheng is very powerful, if Lina want to hurt Yucheng, it call dig your on grave
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He said yes because he wants to spend some time with you without being disturbed by an devil little girl or his dog wife 😏. 🤣🤣😂😂 Kate used the peeper spray against Tann because she was surprised to see him so close of her. she should use it on Lina, she is a real parasite 😒. He is so childish!🤣🤣😂😂 Actually, he can see clearly: he is tricking Kate to see her reactions 😏 he is so meanie😂😂.
please Kiss💏 and MATURE CONTENT!!!🥰🤩 we need some romantic actions 😎
AsukaHana122: I think yes🤔 he hates so much womans because of his mother. It's the same for Kate.
Andrea Lau: Hi!! question! so tann shing's first is katie? or did he do it with someone before? cause regarding tann past he despise his mother i think? 🤔🤔
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Princess Hinata
Same sequence is continuing again and again. Late tortures kate, kate is tolering silently.. Again!!! It's really kind of boring... I think it would be better if kate learnt to scold and revenge on lina trickly.. By doing this, the pattern of the story will change and the readers will really be happy..But repeating of same sequence again and again not only bring pain but also reduce interests of readers to read this manhua..
To my point of view, lina is one kind of bi****h.. I wish I could enter in this manhua and lob lina for unlimited times.. Tan and kate are two types of different stupid people.. Nate is amazing person but he is quite selfish.. It is true that he helped kate a lot.. But it does not mean that he can force kate to act as his gf in front of his mother. It's really selfish.. Nate's mother is really a good woman....
I TOTAlLY ship THAT: I know, but I just feel like she doesn’t have enough confidence in her self, she needs to fight for her son
凰北月: She just doesn't want to cause anymore trouble
What she wants is just her beloved child
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C.L.C: same.
Hannah Priya: Same here!!!!!!
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I feel sorry for Nate's mother 😥. she is so kind and lovely 😣. But Nate deserve this slap from his mother 😒. Mothers don't like lies in general, especially when it comes to their own children. They are took for idiots. I like Jack, he is a nice person🙂. Nate please stop! You don't treasure correctly Kate's affection for you and you don't treat your mother with dignity. Kate doesn't want to trick his mother anymore and playing with her feelings.Tann came in late to save her 😕. It means that he is still concerned by Kate despite his mixed feelings for her. But he needs to take initiative!😤 And try to discover more about Kate now he knows that Lina and her are related as sisters 😎. I hope Kate will this woman who pushed her in the stairs 😡!!! Tann don't give up, more you are digging the most you will be surprise to know how much you hurt Kate and how Lina manipulated you with Yucheng.
LilD: not only you are late but also you got teased by jack hahahahahahhahaha
Sam: @AsukaHana122 I agree with you
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