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The Deserted Woman

Yoolook Culture
Griffin Grey
This story is beyond pathetic and slow as snail. Hopefully the kid will go to the university and become smart. He will realize that the witch is not his real mother and do a DNA test where he will understand that she was his aunt. Then it will tell his father (an old man by then) who will realize what a stupid a🌺🌺hole he was spending his whole life with the wrong woman that he never loved. The story will end with the ML an old man and his son in front of the grave of the woman they never really appreciated or get to know. Her evil sister will by then be at the Bahamas with her 20 years old boyfriend drinking mimosas and congratulating herself on how stupid everyone else was in this comic. THE END
I have 300IQ & I Am Always Right: What? Chapter 178 ends with him wanting to do a DNA test.
Rebecca Mikaelson: for real like I stopped reading this book for threw months and he still hasn't found out that the younger sister is the birth mother
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I'm fed up with Kate acting like miss-goody-two-shoes. Gurl, get yourself together and fight for the custody of your child legally. There's no use groveling around like a beggar. Lina has already pushed you to a dead end and even your so-called father left you with a shitty promise to not do harm to Lina as you two are 'sisters' (what a joke). Now even a butler threatens you and if you continue to be a pushover, forget about fighting for the custody of your son, Lina might even turn your son against yourself who'll see you as his enemy. His spoiled nature already started causing big trouble before, and now how can you expect a six year old to accept someone else as his mommy (even when Lina treats him harshly, he still takes her for his mom). Seriously it's long enough and the plot is getting boring now. Kate had the chance to go away, accept someone else and settle down. Instead she sticks to her stubbornness. I understand it's hard to see your own child taking someone else as his mom and everything but still, she should act tough IF she wants her child back and avenge herself. She blames herself for everything and seriously. THAT'S. ANNOYING. AF.
Felicia Dennis: The reality is that she's a dumbass 😏
Felicia Dennis: I agree...dude already know she's the boy's mom
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Random Toast
Okay, if you are going to have the truth finally revealed. Please and I honestly and sincerely beg you, have Kate end up with Nate because the man loves her so dearly, his mom adores her, his brother and sister-in-law trust her with their child but as for the Shings, they showed nothing but pain and detest over the past years. Sure, tann saved her a few times and was a bit ‘friendly’ to her but cheating is cheating, cough cough.

Nate has been by her side since the beginning, every step of the way. He didn’t even wanna leave her and he chased after her hoping to explain the situation with Alexa. You can see the love he has for her.

Oh and one more thing, I swear if the maid goes “I must tell tann” then turns to run but steps on a twig or something, I’m done cause I’m honestly tired of this back and forth abuse and manipulation,
Jade: Im sure that the scene with the maid isnt gonna end well... R.I.P random maid
janvi Khandelwal: Actually I also think that Kate should go with Nate....He cares about her a lot.....I did not like Tann a bit......He is so annoying.........The story should end up together with Kate and Nate.................
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Whaasaaaa!!!!!! This Kate is so dammmmmnnnnn stupppiiiiiidddd!!!!😡
it's her who is crazy, always make difficult things for everyone since start instead of being sincere with herself!!😡 it's quite obviously she loves Tann, the way she blushing and running away from him instead facing fer feelings with his!! Tann has enough of her running away attitude and always playing victims of being bullied by Tann Shing😡!! Anybody would be pissed by a woman who is playing idiot and drama queen. This Tann is right, she is doing too much drama for nothing.
Little nurse, I love you😁 do you know why?😏 you said "Mrs Shing"😚 and that's how she is supposed to be called 😎
See Kate what your stubbornness brought Tann? He got injured by saving you because you acted like a crazy woman who was confessed by the man she used to love 6 years ago?
Now, you are trapped, you can't see Yucheng without Tann's presence and Tann's father doesn't like you because he is taking you responsible of his son's injuries and unhappiness.
I don't like this butler, something is off from him🤔
My ⛵ is sinking, yoo much obstacles in this relation 😭. Author don't drag the story too long because you are pissed most of us readers 😓
i am toxic from the core: head up bois . you know the end always ended up with marry scene (THE MOST COMMON PROBABILITY IN MANHUA) + kiss or xoxo
AsukaHana122: they won't be together stop dreaming and don't vent your frustration on me, please. it was clear for her that she won't love Nate. you need to accepted that love can't be controlled with kindness from a saviour. Kate is so idiot. from start for accepting everything from her father and sister. Both of them were selfish people who iaws her kindness. She could've fight for her son but she choose to retract and forced to live overseas during 3 years old and with some pictures sent by Lina. As mother, I could you support to live hidden and not fighting for your son, by getting proofs that you are his mother? even when she came back from overseas, she kept hiding for nothing, always accept everything from Lina while Lina is just using Yucheng against her because she has not tie to Tann Shing. And if Kate stopped to play lunatic woman and be straight with him, the misunderstanding would have not been came until now.
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OMG GUYS I‘m so sorry to spoiler you but I HAVE TO ! I‘m already a few chapters further like 4 or 5 I think and ONE FRIEND FROM KATIE WILL FIND OUT THAT YUCHENG IS KATIE‘S SON AND NOT LINA’S ! YEAASSS ! another spoiler... it’s the other nurse that worked together with Katie when she still couldn’t speak, you know who I mean ? She got fired by the shing’s or this Fxat nurse (I’m not really sure) and then got her job back again thanks to Kate. She overheard a phone conversation between Lina and Kate, where Lina that Btch is furious because Tann was saying nice things to His father for Katie (also said that she is the adopted sister from Lina and yucheng’s "Aunt“) and Lina was jealous again, so she called Kate and screamed at her in some park, over the phone, said that yucheng is her legal son even if she is the Biological Mother and this Friend of Kate (calling her sis or sister) heard everything behind a Tree. YEAASSS THE TABLE IS TURNING I‘M SO EXCITED 😆
MC_206: Read the comments my friend it was already said 😉
No One Knows: But the one who heard their conversation on the phone got killed i think 🤔
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Forced MY ASS!! You’ve been sleeping around with other men that’s not Tann! Glad you got yourself exposed! 😡 Now she’s pretending she got assaulted!? Disgusting and shameless! She won’t be celebrating Kate’s “death” for long! Karma doesn’t discriminate you dirty woman!!

And who is the one that attempted to murder Kate? Does anyone know maybe? 😱
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Probably another one or two years before the comic finishes
i am toxic from the core: haha its like i want to skip these scheme loop and jump to resolve chapter .

catch up 500-600 chapter in novel . maybe need a decade lol
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Nalu Shipper
The next chapter in my version(what I want it to be):
Kate is panicked, but then she calms down and gently pushed Tann away.
Then she looks down and says in a firm manner, "Yucheng, Yucheng.... I can't let him stay here. I'm taking him with me."

Tann gets a little shocked and annoyed when she says she wants to take Yucheng away, she grabs her shoulders and says, "What do you mean? Yucheng is safe with me."

"I have to take him away."
"What right do you have to take him away, Kate hsiao? His caretaker or his aunt? Things don't work that way."
Tann Says to Kate in a fit of anger.
Kate looks right up to him in a firm manner and says, "I have the right to take him away, as his mother."
Then the truth is revealed, BOOM!
oki bye
Priya Sarkar: yes ofcourse..there is nothing wrong 😊
CutiesageCupcake: No actually when your older
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Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you’ve never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more. You share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that were never achieved and the many disappointments life has thrown at you. When something wonderful happens, you can’t wait to tell them about it, knowing they will share in your excitement. They are not embarrassed to cry with you when you are hurting or laugh with you when you make a fool of yourself. Never do they hurt your feelings or make you feel like you are not good enough, but rather they build you up and show you the things about yourself that make you special and even beautiful. There is never any pressure, jealousy or competition but only a quiet calmness when they are around. You can be yourself and not worry about what they will think of you because they love you for who you are. The things that seem insignificant to most people such as a note, song or walk become invaluable treasures kept safe in your heart to cherish forever. Memories of your childhood come back and are so clear and vivid it’s like being young again. Colours seem brighter and more brilliant.
me:oh i cant stop laugh about her reaction oh god really , i wanna kiss you my sweet pillow
pillow: *stare********
claudya gacha art: oh im not typing that much -v-
Janine Emproso Marquez: Yeah thats true love when you find it don’t ever let it go .. and don’t give up !
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Her brother is a FREAKING MORON!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Not even surprised anymore that conniving, cheating little wh*re ALWAYS gets away with everything!! Ugh so disgusting how can she literally get away with this even though she got caught red handed!? Like forced MY ASS!!! 😤😤 That guy is even a BIGGER IDIOT for believing her manipulative lying ass!

And it looks like Tann and Kate are starting to get along after all the misunderstandings! I’m glad they’re getting closer in bond with each other! But just WHEN is Lina gonna be exposed of her evil schemes!? The progress of this story is SO SLOW! 😩

I don’t mind though the chibis, the gorgeous artwork really pulls me into reading this comic until the end! 😛
Angel Sakamaki: In chapter 178 Tann will ask one of his worker to investigate Kate for him and he didn't find anything but find that Kate had a kid just like Yucheng and this part is kinda sad because lina was going to meet Kate and told yucheng to hide in the bush and lina was irritating Kate and Kate Slap her and that made yechang to come out of the Bush and told Kate you are bad I hate you and Kate was shocked and kinda sad and yeheng or lina said let's go home and they were going and lina came back and told Kate something.And I'm not a soilder this will happen in chapter 178
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Not yet I’m planning on doing it on my day off from work, sigh! Still got a lot of krabby parties to make at the krusty crabs! 😔
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Princess Hinata
I have thought that finally tann is improving.. But I was wrong..😑😑😑😑..How can he accuse of kate again?? Can not he use his brain properly?? He already knew that kate was remaining at tann's residence when yucheng was baby. Fine, he was deceived by lina.. But when tann knew that kate was pregnant before, why can't he relate the her pregnancy matter with yucheng?? He also knew that lina is liar but what he is doing?? He is really dumb. In stead of speaking politely, he just accused kate as greedy women and suspected her relationship with nate.. So annoying ML!!

On the other hand, kate proves her stupidity again.. She can take this chance about speaking the truth.. But no!! Again hide and seek!! She is willingly just trapped by lina. Why can't she understand that lina will have nothing to do after exposing the truth...?? Ridiculous FL!!

Sylvia is better than them. I wish sylvia was here and gave them some advise..😑😑😑
x.yuriii: *they’re
x.yuriii: He asked her, and she agreed lol. So I guess their both playing dumb
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⚠️Spoiler alert!!⚠️

Lin Han's wife is someone close to Kate, and the girl calls Kate Aunty. devil daughter of Lin Han loses her pet, so Kate helps her find her puppy. kate finally found kitten by the pool when she suddenly heard a loud bang. Kate got startled and fell into the pool but she couldn't swim. Just then, Tann shing jumps into the pool and helps Kate out. Lin Han's wife ran to her and helped her while Tann shing gave Kate his coat because she was soaking wet. The girl took Kate to change. While she got changed into a purple dress, Kate looked at herself and thought -"This dress is too exposing". So, she decided to change back and was unzipping her dress when suddenly someone stepped in the room. Kate flinched and turned back to see that it was Tann shing who walked into the room. Kate got awkward and said-"Thanks about earlier, but I'm changing right now so can you please go out?" Tann shing ignoring about what she just said , stepped closer to her but Kate stepped back.. This continued until her back bumped into the table, and that was when Tann shing pinned her on the table. Kate getting frightened asked Tann shing about what he was gonna do when Tann shing replied -"You know what I'm gonna do-" Tann shing was cut off by a statement -"Uncle Tann shing is gonna kiss Aunty Kate". Both Tann and Kate turned around to see that it was the devil daughter.....
J🅰️zzie: Mmmmmmmmmm
yanzy Lustico: upspree !!!
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ÒwÓ chu chu
I know it takes so long for them to find out it's her child and people complain about it a lot, but to me this just makes the story a lot more interesting. you can see how tann shing is getting suspicious of his wife, Kate has started becoming a lot stronger and is more wise, the story is coming out wonderful. the readers should understand how much thought the author put into the story. if your complaining about the story taking to long then put yourself in the authors shoe! author likes to take time in story development, he/she is making the suspension go higher as to make the readers think more about the situation. this is the best story I've read, it's not as predictable as most stories are, this one has me guessing one person is helping the other. author keep up the good work! take your time don't rush we can wait

now as for the people who say "it's taking to long!" shut it already! yes it's taking long but there is a logical reason for that! HELLO! your not just gonna go up and say "hey that boi there is my son! he came out of me I'm the mother that woman forced me to keep quiet by threatening me with my son" would you really say that? nope! Kate is taking her time, she wouldn't rush and risk harming her child. this is the authors story not yours, the author puts in a lot of work for us the best you can do is SHUT IT AND JUST ENJOY THE STORY STOP RUSHING THE AUTHOR
Maria Angelica Espinoza Maritnez: ohbplease this story has had zero advancement. the author has been going around in circles. I've been reading prince's private baby and its 100% better. why? because they actually keep the story moving forward
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Tima Thongam
in other manga....most of the male leads are perverts and lustful that reveals their emotions by sexual harassing the female lead and eventually ends up with that pervert male lead.And here on the other hand this Kate so called lawyer has got the world most decent guy who respects her endlessly ,is still not ready to accept him but ready to misunderstands him.she not only got one guy but two guys (mate Holland) who truly love her with pure heart.and she is busy throwing tantrums to their feelings.and about revenge....that's bullshit ,what has she done so far as a mother or as a lover,she just keeps on allowing her cruel sister torture her in the name of her son yucheng😏😏😏.now everything is on her hand if she wants to reveal the truth then she can do it in a sec...but don't know what she is upto still seeking for revenge as if she's gonna do it immediately while she's done nothing at all.
Tima Thongam: she shouldn't wait for other to keep on misunderstanding her...she has the right to let everyone knows about her innocent .she should be the one to grab an opportunity not other makes them think wrongly about her who she definitely isn't't.
Tima Thongam: that's the exact point that is she should be strong because of the worst past that she has been through ....instead she is becoming more weaker and weaker lolz😕😏
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respected author ,
I would like to address you in kind words that tann shing is not a suitable person for Kate and my opinion is that, in normal comics usually the hero ends up with the female lead in the poster but we want a change and maybe we can expect that from you. Nate is not the hero but maybe it can be changed. You have that power. please Nate and Kate would make a lovely couple.
with love and respect
B. Ambareesha
(author of our stars will collide )
Anonymous: I think it would be great if mate was gay (I love bl) so Kate can be with tan
Tamilore Ajakaiye: I personally feel like Nate would end up with someone with completely different personality traits. but don't get me wrong I love nate
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I think the one who order someone to push Kate Hsiao's car is Nina Hsiao! Because from the start, she always hated her... If I were in this manga, I would definitely slap Nina Hsiao's face and put her in jail! She's such a b*tch! I really hate her, she's like a slut! She even seduce Tann Shing's best friend! (sorry, I forgot his name🙏🏻)

But I somehow suspect it's Tann Shing's butler? (sorry, I also forgot what's his name🙏🏻) Because I think he hates Kate Hsiao and want her to stay away from Tann Shing?

This is just my opinion/imagination... Please forgive me if I said anything wrong...🙏🏻 I hope I didn't offend anyone here.

Some questions I been wanting to ask:
When will Tann Shing know that Nina Hsiao is not YuCheng's mother? If he finds out, what will he do? Will Nina Hsiao gets angry about it and let her anger push to Kate Hsiao and said "it's all your fault"? Will YuCheng accept Kate Hsiao as him mom? Will they have a happy ending? Will there be season 2?

Can't wait to find out!
anaam: true that might be the case
Bam025: Probably the butler. No matter how much of a b*tch lina is she wouldn’t kill her sister. If she wanted to do tht she would’ve tried to do it a long time ago.
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Kate, please stop playing sacrifice girl 😑 See where it brought you. Being treated like a plague by everyone. Could've you be honest and told him you visited him when he risked his life to save you?😑
I wonder if Yucheng still deserves to have a stupid mother like Kate? she is acting like a ln idiot. she wasted her life for 6 years by doing nothing by staying back in darkness and leave people bullied her. Is she human for the sake of God?
I missed this orange boy🤩 ! I need him !! he so freaking adorable 🥰🥰🥰🥰. Nate why did you came? didn't you hear she doesn't love you as man ? I hope if you came it's to help to bring back her son and not add useless misunderstandings in Kate's back.
It's hard for Alexia, she has an unrequited love for Nate for years but this one is so blinded for not notice it. I think she should give a chance to Lance. He looks nice and less stupid as Nate.🤔.
Nay & Mirah Empire: Everything u said is soo freaking true😭
Panda: No problem, i like that how you articulate your arguments very well and use common sense rather than baised agendas. Im just shocked that theres alot of people who lack common sense and do not evaluate the overall context of the story and force their own opinions (which they are entitled to) onto people in an agreesive way when they know theyve been proven wrong.
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♡Fofo chan♡ اردنية✌🏻
OMG Lina just die from jealousy, isn't it enough what you did before to your sis, you took her own CHILD, she suffered a lot, can't she be happy for some time and enjoy her fame, ah JUST GO DIE LINA, I'M PRETTY MUCH SURE SHE'S THE ONE WHO PUSHED HER, JUST DIE FROM JEALOUSLY WHEN YOUR HUSBAND SAVE HER YOU B***H
♡Fofo chan♡ اردنية✌🏻: yeah totally right lol😂
I don't know my name: I can see that u spit all angry out in this one comment
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Poor Yucheng 🤣🤣😂😂 His puppy tears don't work on his father 😂😂🤣😂😂 don't cry boy😌 Mommy Kate always manage to change your daddy's heart 😏 see how he stares so much Kate instead of his sl*t of wife who is a public garbage 😒. See Lina' ugly face when Tann's gaze is always follow ing Kate's body. And she dared claim that Tann loves her?😒 go see an ophthalmologist that you only make him 🤢🤮 just by your view. you don't even know what is the feeling of having a family and dare to use your own father to trick your stepsister just for your own benefits. you didn't attend his own funeral. Someone like you deserve to be ignored and have nothing, just loneliness feeling. Kate please don't be so idiot to fell in her traps, shearesy robbed your son and your status as Mrs Shing
La luna: you go girl.
Cristal: go Christal
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Forget about everything else. But the bottom line is he’s married, regardless of loveless or not. And here he is, flirting shamelessly. Understandable that he wanted to give a perfect home for his son, so he’s not divorcing Linna, but even that is meaningless. What’s the point of having a complete family members when there is no familial love? His wife is indifferent towards his son, and he too leave frequently just to avoid his wife. In the end, the son is the one being left alone and lonely. Luckily the grandpa is still alive to treat the son around. But what I’m trying to say is, this man is one without principles. Reading this is like reading a clown romance of some sort. But I can’t leave the art, and well I’m too far already to quit. But when exactly the author gonna make the main characters a little bit more smart? Just one Linna(like who is she? What power or money does she has? What she has is not even hers but given by her position as Mrs of the dens man of the year) and the plot got dragged on and on.
Jalex Mae Langomez Miculob: I like it.. with my heart
Stayfoxy: Omg why do people take it too deep. Psh from the beginning it wasnt even make sense so stop with reasoning victim about being married and blabla
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Who want to know why you are unhappily? I will told you : you have a nasty personality, you don't even respect your own wife and also your ex girlfriend and you want to play the victim? you made yourself looks so pathetic by blaming innocent for being yourself an assh*le!😡
Thank you Tann for coming so fast and save our Kate🤩!!! Give him so punches and make him enable to talk or walk or even appear in front of Kate, you rapist!🙅‍♀️
Tann looks so relieved he came to right moment before the rapist starts something to Kate😞. For first time. we can hear Tann's true heart and not his mind !😁
He truly likes Kste but he just so clumsy to Express himself 🤭
Seeing Kate blushing makes me remember the moment where Tann confessed to Kate and this idiot of Kate ran away and causing him to injure himself by saving her🤭.
This time Kate, DON'T YOU DARE TO RUN AWAY! US READERS, want you to stop your melodrama and be honest for once time in your life! Many people already suffered from your silent!
AsukaHana122: @BLACKPINK don't worry I understand what's you want to said🤭. But Kate didn't also try to arrange her image in Tann's mind. instead of it she give him good reasons for him to hate her more. what's so good about playing proud woman when you already lost your baby because of your lack of fighting? And Nate, I'm sure he will.find someone but he needs to stop looking for his perfect woman but see what it's in front of him, there is a woman who loved him since always but he is enable to see it (I mean his woman bodyguard). For Tann, he decided to follow his heart and be with the woman he really loves even if this woman will be a stepmother for his son. he is an human and still want to be happy for him but also for his son.
B L A C K P I N K: Meant to say @AsukaHana122
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