The Deserted Woman
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The Deserted Woman

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The Deserted Woman
OMG THANK FREAKING GOODNESS THIS IS FINALLY GETTING SOMEWHERE!!! Tann is making progress in his investigation but honestly WTF IS KATE DOING!? She literally just waltz’s into Lina’s trap ALL THE TIME! Like when is she ever gonna learn her lesson over here!? You can’t keep falling for her tricks every single time you come across her, Kate, I’m sorry but that’s getting ridiculous at this point.

And Lina you’re seriously calling Kate the shameless woman over here? Takes one to know one 🙄, you’re the one that tore her apart from her only child and pretended Yucheng is your son to get your position as Tann’s wife. Pot calling the kettle black, much? The hypocrisy of Lina gets on my nerves, isn’t she the one that sleeping around with other men behind Tann’s back? She can do whatever she wants but god forbid Tann does the same thing? That’s called karma you dumb byotch!
Nhurmina Ababun Isnani: Im kinda upset at this story... But cant help it ... Because kate and tann is my favorite character... I love them bieng together.... Please author give kate stranges to fights of this problems.... and soon to have her son's back
Amel Smile: thanks for the translate 🌺
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I know all of y’all are anticipating for the mature content to happen next chapter 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 don’t lie my friends!

Anyways I think it’s about time that Tann cuts ties with this “best friend” by now. I know that Tann was not even in love with Lina, and just married to her by name, but the fact that Ming slept with Lina, and was fully aware that was his WIFE that time, still kinda disgusts me to this day. Just pure betrayal and backstabbing right there.

I’m at least glad Tann swooped in and saved Kate right in time before it was too late though. I used to dislike Tann, but now I see a lot of improvement in his character. He’s gotten a lot more smarter, is more calculating when planning his next moves, and has developed a strong love for Kate.

But what about Kate? She’s one of the prettiest female MCs I’ve ever seen, but it kinda weirds me out how she has all this power and influence with her being a CEO AND a lawyer and all at the same time, but she can’t save herself in any of these situations? She wants to find justice for her maid friend, but can’t even find justice for her and her custody over Yucheng? I wish she could stop talking and put more action to it. She says she’ll avenge herself and her friend but where’s the revenge? Instead, I see a helpless damsel in distress covered in money. I hope to see more development in her character in the future! :P just my opinion that’s all! My ship looks like it’s about to sail soon yay 🚢
Erza😍: agreeable 😍😍
💜BtsBillieTaylor 💜: yay ship sailing alert
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LMAO RIP to the purple haired guy. He just wants some alone time with his wifey 😏😏 too bad the kid is back to haunt ya!

And Tann’s dad is so selfish honestly. As if Tann wasn’t miserable enough from his first arranged marriage with Lina, old fart still wants to pimp him out to marry him to some other rich daughter? It pisses me off to see tann’s sad and disappointed facial expression, and how that old man sees his son as nothing but a cash cow of his 😒. He seems exhausted from all this stupid family affairs he’s dealing with.

I can’t blame Yucheng for being upset about this situation. It must be shocking and hard to take them divorcing at that age. He’s accustomed to seeing Lina as his mother and it’ll be a major shock to see his own dad with someone else (remind u he doesn’t know Kate is his real mom yet).

And Kate is starting to annoying the hell out of me with how stupid she is. Let’s not forget she is a major part of the problem over here. I really don’t understand her logic behind Tann “using” her. Like how? He saved your ass so many times, a person with bad intentions wouldn’t invest that much time on your useless ass anyway. And as if she didn’t ruin Yucheng’s childhood as is, she’s still not trying to fix the problem she herself created by dragging this along, like JUST TELL THE TRUTH ALREADY I CANT-
Navier: Everything. I don't think he ever tell Kate any so far.
Zarnaab Khan: Yes and that is exactly what I am saying if she knows then shouldn’t she tell him and them and if they didn’t believe she has proof like the blood test.
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How long is she gonna keep this a secret from everyone!? The damage has already been done already!!! Lina is not even a threat anymore considering they divorced already!

just man up and tell them the truth before Yucheng’s relationship with you gets worse than it already is! 🤦🏻‍♀️ This is getting beyond ridiculous and I don’t know what the hell she is thinking at all. Didn’t she want to take back everything that belongs to her?

And why is she assuming that Tann is just using her? Didn’t he confess to her face that he had feelings for her? Someone with bad intentions or is just using you would NOT invest that much time in their lives to save you EVERY SINGLE TIME you get into trouble!

He’s not even being vague about it, that’s as upfront and direct someone can get as possible. What else would he mean when he said that Lina is not Yucheng’s mom, seriously how slow can you be woman! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

I think Tann is doing amazing and improved a lot, not so much for Kate. This is not even naivety, just pure idiotic behavior.
eksohw: Preach! I have nothibg to comment anymore 😂
Benedicta Pratanjana: plz author let Kate's brain improved a bit. dont let her remain dummy
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Random Toast
Okay, if you are going to have the truth finally revealed. Please and I honestly and sincerely beg you, have Kate end up with Nate because the man loves her so dearly, his mom adores her, his brother and sister-in-law trust her with their child but as for the Shings, they showed nothing but pain and detest over the past years. Sure, tann saved her a few times and was a bit ‘friendly’ to her but cheating is cheating, cough cough.

Nate has been by her side since the beginning, every step of the way. He didn’t even wanna leave her and he chased after her hoping to explain the situation with Alexa. You can see the love he has for her.

Oh and one more thing, I swear if the maid goes “I must tell tann” then turns to run but steps on a twig or something, I’m done cause I’m honestly tired of this back and forth abuse and manipulation,
Karma Phuntsho Choden: oh shit..tann asked Kate to be his mistress..
ah..kate its better to marry nate ...he will take care of you ...atleast better than tann..
Jade: Im sure that the scene with the maid isnt gonna end well... R.I.P random maid
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it’S wHaT sHE dEsErvEs...

OMG!!! THANK FREAKING FINALLY!!!! She signed the papers YAY!!

I think the last chapter and this one is what we’ve ALL been waiting for! It’s SO satisfying to finally see Lina getting the karma she deserves! I Waited almost 200 chapters for the freaking truth to come out, since the progress of this story was so slow. YAY SHE EVEN SIGNED THE DIVORCE PAPERS! hopefully this scandal will be the nail on the coffin to her scheming ways! ⚰️ RIP byotch!

I’m so glad at Tann looked into this and successfully investigated the whole truth. Now that he knows Kate is the real baby momma of Yucheng, it’s time for them to reunite as a family, and make her the rightful wife of his! Can’t believe lina stole her spot as the legal wife for that long 😑!

Now, I feel there will still be many more obstacles coming in their way. That stupid brother Ming is definitely gonna be up to no good, can’t believe he’s dumb enough to be played by Lina even after being caught red-handed sleeping with another man 😒 that girl is making a fool out of you, dude 🤦🏻‍♀️.
Honey candy: Stupid Ming 😒
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: True lolol Ming is starting to annoy me honestly like leave Kate alone FFS!!
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You evil, conniving old fart, STOP blaming Kate for everything that happened. The lack of moral compass in this oldass man pisses me off, HOW is that even HER FAULT!? She IS his biological mother, you can’t change that no matter how much you want to, it’s FACTS! That’s not something she has control over, Lina is the one who stole her kid and pretended it was hers to get a free ticket to Tann Shing’s bank account aka his moola CHA-CHING! Money 💰 💴

Killing her won’t stop the truth from coming out, you crazy scumbag!! I’m happy that Tann swooped in and saved her, what a perfect timing! I hope that crazy butler is still outside and he’ll be exposed for what he is!

And Kate, stop preaching about how you’re gonna do something and not end up doing it. If you’re gonna investigate you’re friends death and expose Lina and this evil butler JUST DO IT and stop falling into their traps every single damn time it’s getting beyond ridiculous at this point! Have you not learned your lesson after all the times they made a fool out of you!?? Girl GET IT TOGETHER PLEASE!
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: I prefer this story over prince private baby tho, I feel like authors do that bc they want to stretch out the story lolol but ya.. finally this story is going somewhere, I’ve been waiting for this day to come :P
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Please put a spoiler alert before writing spoilers next time. I don’t mind them but there are other people who don’t like them
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Hehe I like that little girl!! She’s so cute, and a much better ship builder than me :P! Someone needs to reward her for her good deeds!!

And I’m hoping eventually Kate will accept Tann and just date him already, he’s been doing great recently, and I’m glad he investigates thoroughly instead of making assumptions about her like he did in the beginning of the story. I noticed a lot of the development in his character!

But honestly, why is Kate in such a denial about her feelings for Tann? I don’t really see a problem with them being together, and since Tann found out she is the real baby momma of Yucheng, what could possibly go wrong other than his family being against their relationship? Although I feel like his family and that purple haired girl is gonna give them a hard time, I think it’s about time they officially become a real couple :) 🚢

Lia: It honestly has been irritating me because how long it took Tann to take notice 🤡
Lia: You are very much correct, it has been episode 187 and no progress has been done rather then Tann took notice of Kate as the actual mother of Yucheng and divorcing Lina, i wished that Kate stop being a dingus and quickly date Tann except denying her feelings.
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Seems like Tann has finally found out the truth and is chasing after Kate now! Yay this ship is finally going somewhere! Now that Lina is out of the picture, I wonder what’s gonna happen next. Is Lina still gonna try to destroy kate? Does anyone know perhaps? I don’t mind any spoilers. I honestly think the purple haired girl and Ming are gonna keep pestering them for a while :/

And Ugh!!!! now I feel so bad for Tann! ☹️☹️☹️🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

He deserves so much better than Kate, honestly. He’s done a lot for her but barely got anything in returnfrom her. He needs to give up on Kate and move on before. I hope there will be a second ship for him because he doesn’t deserve the sad and bitter ending. He’s a great character, not to mention just as good looking as Tann Shing! I think Kate has hurt him a lot in this story, and I am hoping to see him move on and have a happy ending for himself as well.

Sweet potato : so much💔
Thazin Pyae Phyo: Yeh opinions are to be made and respected
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I know how she feels, I’ve been bullied in middle school and high school by a lot of people, dark dark times. I would never want to see anyone of them again, this is pretty relatable.

Tann honestly needs to stop letting his old man have control over his marriage affairs. You’re a grown ass man, you can make your own decisions, just tell him no and refuse him, he has no right to make u go on blind dates anyway! Like wasn’t it not obvious enough of how miserable he was with his arranged marriage with Lina? Don’t let history repeat itself mister just REFUSE him!!

And I feel like Yucheng is gonna have a hard time adjusting and accepting their divorce for the time being. I can’t blame him for being upset with Kate, like what exactly does she want really? She says she wants Yucheng and everything back but she’s contradicting herself with her recent actions. I just hope at least one of them speaks up soon, either or Kate will have to tell the truth about who’s Yucheng’s real mother. And he needs to let the grandpa know too.
Lia: well same i’ve been bullied for years no matter what school i go, so i snap and basically had to go physical with them.
minsugajjangjjangbboong: That is honestly messed up no one should be treated that way I should know I was bullied a lot in elementary school but I never noticed it until I grew up now I don’t let anyone push me around but I still get easily hurt
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𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓪𝓵𝔂𝓪 🥀
I can't-
This story is becoming more and more complicated... When is it going to end?

Lina didn't win Tann over, so she made Yucheng hate Kate. I don't like how Lina's situation ended, just like that. I don't know what is going to happen in the future, maybe she will seek revenge. But she disappeared. I wanted to see her suffer more and have the bad ending she deserved. [Sorry, I am not really a sadist... But she deserves at least for Kate to get a revenge on her (screw that promise she made to her father), or something VERY bad to happen to her.]

Kate is becoming more and more weak with time. This girl is supposed to be A LAWYER, yet, she doesn't even fight for her own rights. SHE IS A COWARD. She is completely useless, always gets saved, and everyone does everything for her.

Where is Nate? We are going to forget about him just like that? He was mad a few episodes ago...

I kinda feel bad for Tann, he has such a bad family, and ended up in a very complicated situation. He can't do anything. His father and his son are making things worse for him when he just wants to get back to the girl he originally loves and the real mother of Yucheng. I bet he doesn't have friends, either... Feel REALLY bad for him, his so called "best friend" also cheated him.

The Manhua is being very unfair at this point, I like the plot, art and everything, but I hope the story just comes to a good end.
Lia: Kate is an actual dumbass tbh
....: Yea Kate is just too much when it was Nate birthday and she came in with a hickey that was just sad in soooo many levels tbh and tann sleeping with Kate while she was drugged made it seem like they went back to square 1 all over
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𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓪𝓵𝔂𝓪 🥀
The auther, thank you for this beautiful Manhua, very good. I am not sarcastic.
The story is very good and interesting, the characters are very beautifully drawn, the art is perfect and very pleasant to the eye.

The story is supposed to be "tragic", so I understand that there is so many misunderstandings and unnecessary Drama everywhere. And I am glad there is some progress now, I have been waiting for some progress.

The only problem is the characters, they are wayyy too dump (and stupid) for adults, they are supposed to be adults, not teenagers, mature, then, why are they too dump and stupid? It took them way too long.
I mean- Tann... Tann fell in love with Kate suddenly, I didn't even know that he loved her, it's okay, people fall in love out of the blue and sometimes for no reason, but he doesn't deserve her love back, I am sorry, he is super arrogant, he accused her of being a gold digger, he judged her way too early without understanding anything, he is- the worst male main character ever. That's my opinion. Just like Kate, the most useless and weak female main character.
I feel bad for Kate, her life is very tragic, no justice, life is not fair for her, her personality is very weak, made her so unlikable.
They are the reason why the story makes one irritated.
The most most most stupid protoganists prize is given to Kate and Tann, the most idiotic characters.
Tann is not worth anything and he ain't even THAT good looking, Nate is much better for a side character.
Nini Alaiha: I totaly agreed.. can we jst make it short... im getting abit tired with the stories being in circles... sigh... seriously...
Jervie Albay: the bossy president ML is worst of all MC. At least Tann didn't tortured the FL until she gave up on escaping.
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OMG GUYS I‘m so sorry to spoiler you but I HAVE TO ! I‘m already a few chapters further like 4 or 5 I think and ONE FRIEND FROM KATIE WILL FIND OUT THAT YUCHENG IS KATIE‘S SON AND NOT LINA’S ! YEAASSS ! another spoiler... it’s the other nurse that worked together with Katie when she still couldn’t speak, you know who I mean ? She got fired by the shing’s or this Fxat nurse (I’m not really sure) and then got her job back again thanks to Kate. She overheard a phone conversation between Lina and Kate, where Lina that Btch is furious because Tann was saying nice things to His father for Katie (also said that she is the adopted sister from Lina and yucheng’s "Aunt“) and Lina was jealous again, so she called Kate and screamed at her in some park, over the phone, said that yucheng is her legal son even if she is the Biological Mother and this Friend of Kate (calling her sis or sister) heard everything behind a Tree. YEAASSS THE TABLE IS TURNING I‘M SO EXCITED 😆
MC_206: Yeah and it was SPOILER !!!

Butler Mo
Anaïs: ANDDD she dies
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Ming😑😑😑😑.......his brain is not working properly.....what is his problem

1.Of all the people Ming had affair with his friends wife🙄(though Tann was with her because of Yucheng)

2.Even though his sister tried to show Lina true colour he ignored😑😑

3.when his dear Lina got divorce....instead of being happy that they can be in relationship openly......he promised her to take revenge on Kate for destroying the marriage(Lina and Tann's)😐😐
4.Now he is scheming something.....for Kate(he has mixed something in her drink)
5.Instead of supporting Tann's regarding Kate......he is just backstabbing him.....what a good friend he is.🙄🙄😒

Ming's sister you did a good job in revealing the truth about Lina.....due which they are divorced now but don't even try to destroy this(Tann and Lina)😒....just focus on your brother and protect him from Lina😏😏
Tann save your future wife from your backstabbing friend 😑
kiridashi le otaku: I couldn't agree with you more! like, does he have a nut for a brain or what. it just pisses me off
Sowjanya Narayana: u deserve my respect dude💁‍♀️🤭
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I really don't get why Ming want to help Lina........because once she gets divorce they can be together.....he should be happy about divorce🙄🙄

She deserves this......everything is in front of Tann's no one can save Lina

Ming's sister did a good job in exposing her.......hope Ming's doesn't get himself involved with Lina any further.
lina master ling: I agree
lemurloki: Though if you truly love a person, that can mean making the hard choice and preventing them from doing something that could cost them everything...even if it means you lose them.
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sheyqa eyqa
Spoil alert!!!..

Later than... katie and tann survive....then tann father know the truth about what butler woo doing.. But he didnt know about the truth of yucheng mother...after that tann want to divorce lina.. Cause he already know who is the real maother of yucheng....and then.. Lina beg ming to help her get rid of katie.. And make a lie sleep together...ming sister can take it anymore that her brother believe lina so much.. So she reveal that lina sleeping with many boys in social media.. And..father tann get angry and he dont want to see lina..and the maid in the house tell to father tann that lina treat yucheng cruel.. And yeahh.. That all i want to spoil😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
nya: feel bad for ming he loves lina but he doesnt now her real colors, to him she's like kate and kate is. like lina
hope ming finds out soon
Pwet ni Ye Han: lananqianjindenixi
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Princess Hinata
Now, I am really worried about the relationship between yucheng and kate.. Actually, Yucheng is a child, so he is innocent..It is not his fault.. He has to pass a hard time for lina's conspiracy and kate's foolishness. If kate did not allow lina to take his son, nothing of these would happen..
Yes, it is true that tann is improved a lot.. But I think it will be better if tann speaks with kate gently and requests her to tell the truth.. Or he reveals to kate that he knows the truth now.
I also think that kate should take the initiative to tell him the truth. Lina is already exposed so there is not any reason to afraid of her.. The big trouble lina is already gone. So why is kate running now??? Kate should try to tell tann the truth at least for her son.. At least, she will have a chance to make a good relationship with her son.. Is not it better for her to be with her son???
A.M: It’s unfortunately called ‘being brain dead’ no but I seriously cannot agree more with you! She acts weaker than she is and it’s starting to get annoyingly common in the comic. When she can finally get her justice (it’s like dangling right in front of her) she decides to think too much for her brain to function right and acts “kind” to others that don’t need kindness
MS.FUJOSHI: i totally agree with every bit word you just said!!!!
btw yucheng's face when angry is soooo cute!
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ฉันจำเนื้อเรื่องก่อนหน้าไม่ค่อยได้แล้ว ว่าทำไมเธอถึงไม่บอกความจริงเรื่องลูกให้ทุกคนรู้ แต่ฉันจำได้นิดหน่อยว่าLinaขู่จะทำร้ายลูกเธอถ้าเธอบอกความจริง
ทำไมเธอไม่ลองเจรจากับ Tann อย่างลับๆดูละ ว่าเธอคือแม่ของYucheng เธอถูกบังคับขขมขู่จากพี่สาวเธอ ว่าจะทำร้ายลูกถ้าบอกความจริง และลองให้ Tann ตรวจ DNA เธอกับ Yucheng ถ้าผลตรวจออกมาตรงกัน พวกเธอก็หาทางแก้ปัญหาซะ ไม่ใช่ปล่อยให้เรื่องราวมันบานปลาย
ฉันรู้สึกว่าเนื้อเรื่องมันยืดยาวเกินไป Kate ก็ไม่ฉลาดสักที ฉันไม่สนเรื่องความสัมพันธ์ Kate และ Tann แต่ฉันห่วงความรู้สึกของ Yucheng และกลัวว่าเด็กจะสับสน
Damon Salvatore is mine.♥️

So last time I think i told till the starting of next episode but it wasn’t very detailed so in the next episode the girls in the reunion were bullying kate when the guy who drove tann to the hotel realized that it was kate hsiao the president of hsiao group n he introduced himself and purposely said president hsiao so that the girls would stop bullying her then tann shing came inside n said excuse me I’ll take my girlfriend the girls were jealous then i think tann’s dad n his frnd and the daughter were searching for tann so they come out in the hallway n see tann with kate the friend gets offended n leaves tannks dad says stop kidding tann he says im not kidding im serious (about kate being his girlfriend) then kate and tann went to nate for the dinner but nate wanted it to be a date so he tried to focus on kate but she was drinking a lot and then she slept sitting there on then they took her to a room n nate was like tann go out i wanna sleep with katie tann asked why nate said because she is his fiancé tann wanted a much appropriate reason

Continued below in the reply section.
🌸LENG.렝.ឡេង~~: Y. o. u. t. u. b. e
Crzayreader: thanks you made me happy
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Boundless Wanderlust
Okay I really don’t understand how anyone can like either of the two main characters

Kate is a spineless, thoughtless, naive and foolish girl who can not protect anyone including herself and just causes trouble for everyone. The only good thing about her was her motivation for doing those things but honestly her actions outweigh her motives now. The fact that she knew about Nate’s feelings and led him on for so long is one of the worst things about her.

Tann Shing is a oblivious, close-minded, thoughtless and extremely inhuman. I get that Kate’s sister is supposed to be the bad guy but she and Tann have been married for so long and yet he still makes no effort to treat her like his wife (even if only in name or just for his son). If Kate’s sister was the main character we’d all be hating Tann. He also always assumes things and never stops to listen to reason.

I get that it’s all ‘cause plot plot plot but this is honestly sh*tty plot. I’ve been trying to keep up with this comic for so long in the hopes that it’ll take a turn for the better because I liked where it started but the characters just keep regressing instead of developing and the plot just keeps falling back into an infinite loop of Kate getting in trouble and not being able to save herself.

Finally I’m out. I’m done. I gave this so many chances and I understand the effort the author put into this but I’m sorry this is not my cup of tea. Nevertheless I wish you good luck author.
Thazin Pyae Phyo: Kate rejected Nate twice tho and yeh Tann is cruel cuz he doesn’t even treat Lina nicely before finding out the truth
But then he doesn’t love Lina so the results will be like that
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