The Deserted Woman
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The Deserted Woman

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The Deserted Woman
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I know all of y’all are anticipating for the mature content to happen next chapter 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 don’t lie my friends!

Anyways I think it’s about time that Tann cuts ties with this “best friend” by now. I know that Tann was not even in love with Lina, and just married to her by name, but the fact that Ming slept with Lina, and was fully aware that was his WIFE that time, still kinda disgusts me to this day. Just pure betrayal and backstabbing right there.

I’m at least glad Tann swooped in and saved Kate right in time before it was too late though. I used to dislike Tann, but now I see a lot of improvement in his character. He’s gotten a lot more smarter, is more calculating when planning his next moves, and has developed a strong love for Kate.

But what about Kate? She’s one of the prettiest female MCs I’ve ever seen, but it kinda weirds me out how she has all this power and influence with her being a CEO AND a lawyer and all at the same time, but she can’t save herself in any of these situations? She wants to find justice for her maid friend, but can’t even find justice for her and her custody over Yucheng? I wish she could stop talking and put more action to it. She says she’ll avenge herself and her friend but where’s the revenge? Instead, I see a helpless damsel in distress covered in money. I hope to see more development in her character in the future! :P just my opinion that’s all! My ship looks like it’s about to sail soon yay 🚢
Erryza Nicole Caldito: can anyone unluck the Thor chapters!!! pls...
Hongorzul Ganbat: dttuitg
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Roze Black
I feel like dropping this story. I liked it at first I'm like yea a story where a woman becomes a bad ass and get her kid back and a good life. But honestly none of the characters have made any real development and when being things are discovered some other idiot ruins it. Like I don't understand the old guy and the butler's thought process of one woman kidnapping her sister's child cliaming as her own to be part of a rich family equals the sister also being a bad person and wanting to get rich. Nothing Kaite done says she is a greedy selfish person or that if yuchen was revealed as her son would hurt the family. Also Shena hasn't really done anything to equal what he calims as love for kaite and honsetly done nothing to gain kaite trust or love also vise versa so that whole romance makes 0 sense. Nate has been a great guy but his only flaw his chancing a woman that clearly done see him that way for to long. Kaite also has made no development at all she is the weakess character she is a high power ceo and lawyer but uses none of that power to help her get back her son or squash thoes that try to drag her through the mud. Her and the purple hair guy wrapped around the evil sister's finger are infurating. With all the evil that was revealed the sister did this guy he still so ignorant to think she is somehow a vicitm of kaite harrassement and bullying. honsetly ill probaly drop this story if nithing changes.
j for justice 🤣🤣😜: Great minds think alike
KhushiGaming: OMG SAME!!!
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LMAO RIP to the purple haired guy. He just wants some alone time with his wifey 😏😏 too bad the kid is back to haunt ya!

And Tann’s dad is so selfish honestly. As if Tann wasn’t miserable enough from his first arranged marriage with Lina, old fart still wants to pimp him out to marry him to some other rich daughter? It pisses me off to see tann’s sad and disappointed facial expression, and how that old man sees his son as nothing but a cash cow of his 😒. He seems exhausted from all this stupid family affairs he’s dealing with.

I can’t blame Yucheng for being upset about this situation. It must be shocking and hard to take them divorcing at that age. He’s accustomed to seeing Lina as his mother and it’ll be a major shock to see his own dad with someone else (remind u he doesn’t know Kate is his real mom yet).

And Kate is starting to annoying the hell out of me with how stupid she is. Let’s not forget she is a major part of the problem over here. I really don’t understand her logic behind Tann “using” her. Like how? He saved your ass so many times, a person with bad intentions wouldn’t invest that much time on your useless ass anyway. And as if she didn’t ruin Yucheng’s childhood as is, she’s still not trying to fix the problem she herself created by dragging this along, like JUST TELL THE TRUTH ALREADY I CANT-
Nisha Khan: I feel bad for nate. In this comic FL is only using him to get her son she didn't even think about nate feeling. I am very disappointed by this comic as well as author who write this comic
Hanna Mae Blaya: i already used my cuopons, im broke😢😭😭😂
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How long is she gonna keep this a secret from everyone!? The damage has already been done already!!! Lina is not even a threat anymore considering they divorced already!

just man up and tell them the truth before Yucheng’s relationship with you gets worse than it already is! 🤦🏻‍♀️ This is getting beyond ridiculous and I don’t know what the hell she is thinking at all. Didn’t she want to take back everything that belongs to her?

And why is she assuming that Tann is just using her? Didn’t he confess to her face that he had feelings for her? Someone with bad intentions or is just using you would NOT invest that much time in their lives to save you EVERY SINGLE TIME you get into trouble!

He’s not even being vague about it, that’s as upfront and direct someone can get as possible. What else would he mean when he said that Lina is not Yucheng’s mom, seriously how slow can you be woman! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

I think Tann is doing amazing and improved a lot, not so much for Kate. This is not even naivety, just pure idiotic behavior.
eksohw: Preach! I have nothibg to comment anymore 😂
Benedicta Pratanjana: plz author let Kate's brain improved a bit. dont let her remain dummy
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guys I know some people dislike Kate but let me tell you this if this story was real do you think something will change ?
of course there will be somethings
if you were Kate and you wanted to get back your son do you think it is that easy ? no
because Kate has two solutions to get back her son first is to take him by force did she think about his feeling .being rised in a rich family with a different mother and a father and also a grandfather with a lot of bodyguards .
or she can take him by the court but what will she say to the judge ? and how will we trust Kate will protect yucheng from all the shing enemies that want yucheng dead
and I know you will say she shouldn't gave yucheng yo Lima and trusted her from the start
guys Kate was inccont and pure she was like a flower she couldn't change that but I agree that she should have gained an experience when all of this happened to her
and also don't hate Kate because she suspected Nate if you were her wouldn't you suspect some said he would kidnap him
and also Kate doesn't trust anyone because she is broken
why if someone so pure in power area we think he/she is weak
kindness is a beautiful manner but in other people eye's it is weakness
I know after you read this you still think Kate is still stupid but please consider that you can't change what you are like in one day
Kate was strong when she was a lawyer
please consider it is not easy for Kate do it this all on her own
さくら—さん: I understand what you want to say tann wasn't a good father to leave his son alone but first he didn't care about yucheng if you could image it you have a son with a woman you don't love what if this son and the mother planning to use this wealth but with time he liked yucheng but he had to work even thought he wanted to be with him but if he didn't work then who will
and I agree he should have put a lot of bodyguards because his son safety is the first and only important thing so we can say that everyone made a mistake and I hope they learn from this and I'm with you that Nate is the only one got the blame this is what happens in our life nowadays to kind people but I'm sure this happened to him for a reason to find his true love and leave Kate
don't look to something bad happened to you unfortunate
Kazhnee Medina: i think you're right but even nate kidnap yucheng why only nate got the blame it means anyone can kidnap yucheng because tann didnt give time to yucheng
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Queen Elsa
I think kate should be more straight forward.. There is not improvement in Kate until now.. When tann's father gave money to her, she would say that, "I don't want any money and I am not interested in your son.. If my son is doing well in your family, I will not have any objection. But if you want me to stay away from my son, than I will take the action to take custody of my son..I have tolerated this sufferings for my sister until now but I will not tolerate a little bit more.." The more she will say strong words, the more people give her value. Just only tolerating and tolerating can't bring anything good.
And Tann should be more frank.. He always maintains his egotistic behaviour.. He should directly propose kate in stead of twisting the situation.. If kate thinks him qualified as her lover than she can think of giving him chance. If she does not want to be with her, then she should be formal with him. She should co operate with him for her son's future, but she should not fraternize with him as a couple if she does not to go on a relationship with Tann. Woman should have more self esteem about this matter..Fraternizing with a man with confused activities will make a woman a very low person...
I have 300IQ & I Am Always Right: "Kate has to do everything" hahahahaha. I will repeat. He just wanted to hear the truth from her. It's Tann that's been trying to woo her. What are you talking about?!?! How egoistic of him to want to woman he loves to show a little interest in him.

I know. Nate is 100 better. He is a puppy you can manipulate. He is a beta male that even if you are covered in hickeys, he will still worship you. So I see why you think that.

Congrats. You have one bad thing he did in the past and you are using it as proof of him being egoistic in the present. Don't use the word logic...
Queen Elsa: I want to explain one thing, this is a comic.. There is nothing to be serious about any character. It is ok to express your own thoughts but it is really illogical to make controversy.. I have already admitted that tann and kate both have faults but you are taking side of tann blindly.. Stop being a musculinist person and think the situation logically. I respect your opinion and thought because people have different thoughts but i think controversy should stop there.. So wish you having a nice day...🙂🙂🙂🙂..
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jyoti bagri
nate is wayyyy hotter and handsome, attractive than tann. I have never found tann attractive or Handsome. don't know how the average Looking man like tann is the ml . even his personality is not any great.
🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸: I pay respect to you since you're the make sense thinking person in Bossy President's comment section.
🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸: Whaaaat thee....
Aubrey's fandoms are more severe than Adamson's. How dare they report their idol's haters to feedback.. Like what the heck... They can't respect other opinions as well. 😑😑
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When Tann's father became pretty sure that Tann will not listen to then he stoop so low.......kidnapping his own grandson,pretending to be sick and threatening Kate as he knew that being a mother she would not risk her baby's (neither will Tann)(but being a lawyer Kate should try to investigate the person behind all this, maybe then she wouldn't have blamed Nate for Yucheng's disappearance😑)
Tann is brave and accepts his feeling without hesitation(Kate should be like Tann)..........really doen't get why is Kate still in denial......if accepts her feeling for Tann........if she accepts her feeling she would be with the person who she loves and also get to with her son(she should at least try to get close to Yucheng)

Nate is the nicest and cutest character........he became happy because Kate is cooking meal........he is really sweet
Kate doesn't deserves him😑. Red hair girl is full of mystery but I think Nate will find about her and slowly steadily fall for her😉😉
Nate is second ML but his character is so strong and nice that he can easily take over MC.......Thank you author for make Nate really hope to see him in relationship with someone who loves him back like he does😄
Mary Estifanos: Me too
Ms Nerd Queen: Man.. You just spoke my heart...
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Juri chan
I really wanted them to be together. Nate has always showed his pure love, care and protection towards Kate. But she ignored it, didn't notice (?),didn't care... in the depth of heart I still wish them to end up together. But I realize It will never happen for plenty of reasons...She doesn't respect him, acts very stupid especially in last episodes (I started even feel irritation with her), she doesn't care if makes him hurt. She knows Nate feelings for her, but still just killing him... he deserves better, much better!
I really have never been that much irritated and disgusted with ANY character, even antagonist one like with Kate right now. But I continue reading because it's already 204(!!!) episode! I'm here for too long to give up and leave this manga now.

I even feel like she doesn't deserve to be with any of male characters: Nate either Tann... she literally doesn't deserve any of them. Can she really love someone?! She is too crazy about her son, in the same time, she doesn't even try to take him back or change situation
uhhh.... I'm too emotional now😅 it's just manga, but I really feel very sorry for Nate. Such situations happen in life too.
Anyway, I'll be waiting for new chapters and hope author will try to show Kate from more positive side and we will see character and story development and improvement
Risa: agree with you.
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Hehe I like that little girl!! She’s so cute, and a much better ship builder than me :P! Someone needs to reward her for her good deeds!!

And I’m hoping eventually Kate will accept Tann and just date him already, he’s been doing great recently, and I’m glad he investigates thoroughly instead of making assumptions about her like he did in the beginning of the story. I noticed a lot of the development in his character!

But honestly, why is Kate in such a denial about her feelings for Tann? I don’t really see a problem with them being together, and since Tann found out she is the real baby momma of Yucheng, what could possibly go wrong other than his family being against their relationship? Although I feel like his family and that purple haired girl is gonna give them a hard time, I think it’s about time they officially become a real couple :) 🚢

Lia: It honestly has been irritating me because how long it took Tann to take notice 🤡
Lia: You are very much correct, it has been episode 187 and no progress has been done rather then Tann took notice of Kate as the actual mother of Yucheng and divorcing Lina, i wished that Kate stop being a dingus and quickly date Tann except denying her feelings.
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Seems like Tann has finally found out the truth and is chasing after Kate now! Yay this ship is finally going somewhere! Now that Lina is out of the picture, I wonder what’s gonna happen next. Is Lina still gonna try to destroy kate? Does anyone know perhaps? I don’t mind any spoilers. I honestly think the purple haired girl and Ming are gonna keep pestering them for a while :/

And Ugh!!!! now I feel so bad for Tann! ☹️☹️☹️🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

He deserves so much better than Kate, honestly. He’s done a lot for her but barely got anything in returnfrom her. He needs to give up on Kate and move on before. I hope there will be a second ship for him because he doesn’t deserve the sad and bitter ending. He’s a great character, not to mention just as good looking as Tann Shing! I think Kate has hurt him a lot in this story, and I am hoping to see him move on and have a happy ending for himself as well.

Sweet potato : so much💔
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I know how she feels, I’ve been bullied in middle school and high school by a lot of people, dark dark times. I would never want to see anyone of them again, this is pretty relatable.

Tann honestly needs to stop letting his old man have control over his marriage affairs. You’re a grown ass man, you can make your own decisions, just tell him no and refuse him, he has no right to make u go on blind dates anyway! Like wasn’t it not obvious enough of how miserable he was with his arranged marriage with Lina? Don’t let history repeat itself mister just REFUSE him!!

And I feel like Yucheng is gonna have a hard time adjusting and accepting their divorce for the time being. I can’t blame him for being upset with Kate, like what exactly does she want really? She says she wants Yucheng and everything back but she’s contradicting herself with her recent actions. I just hope at least one of them speaks up soon, either or Kate will have to tell the truth about who’s Yucheng’s real mother. And he needs to let the grandpa know too.
Lia: well same i’ve been bullied for years no matter what school i go, so i snap and basically had to go physical with them.
minsugajjangjjangbboong: That is honestly messed up no one should be treated that way I should know I was bullied a lot in elementary school but I never noticed it until I grew up now I don’t let anyone push me around but I still get easily hurt
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Kate is literally so UNGRATEFUL and stupid it’s ridiculous!! 🙄 You would be NOWHERE if Nate didn’t help you and handed you everything including the title of a CEO and a lawyer. You’re a LAWYER but you can’t even investigate cases properly and instead jump into conclusions!? What kind of “wins every case” lawyer does this!?!? 😂 I can’t take her seriously as a character anymore because her behavior completely contradicts her words and position. She is very undeserving of not only any man but is undeserving of Yucheng as well. She says she wants her freaking child back but sits back and does NOTHING to get him back while acting pitiful on the sidelines.

I can’t stand her anymore, I honestly also can’t tell which FL is worse than her. Her or Summer Wen from Peachy Lover. Oh god I lost brain cells reading this ☹️
Kailleeya: awww your welcome
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: You’re pretty reasonable, I will try to understand her perspective a little better next time, thank you for clarifying! Likewise to you, have a nice day
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No fear Dr Chu is here
you know what? at first i was shipping kate with tann. they have a child and incredible tension and chemistry. totally perfect! but then nate is such a DOLL. He has been Amazing and respectful and totally upfront with Kate. Bravo to such non toxic ans cute relatipships 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 But then it's impossible to choose between Tann and Nate. Both are successful, willing to stand for Kate against any problem now, both can be funny and are SUPER HOT!
Plus no matter how cute and kind Kate is, she can be a tad annoying by the constant switch between powerful, intelligent lawyer and innocent damsel in distress.
So. That concludes it. I ship Nate x Tann! Hell, it's 2020. Sure we can ship these 2 cool loving dudes together!!
I demand these 2 hottest to be together asap!❤ 😍
ユリハジメ: I'm more shipping Nate with Tann instead. Any objections?
j for justice 🤣🤣😜: Your right
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jyoti bagri
everyone is fine or liking tann for saying what he said in the Last panel. but if this was nate or any other side male lead saying everyone would be calling that man obsessed and hate him and asking for him to disappear saying he dont love her and only care about himself. i hate this kind of double standards retarded thinking and Peoples
I have 300IQ & I Am Always Right: That's true.
jyoti bagri: when she returns and does NOTHING till now is the most annoying and stupid of her this is also my opinion
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𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓪𝓵𝔂𝓪 🥀
I can't-
This story is becoming more and more complicated... When is it going to end?

Lina didn't win Tann over, so she made Yucheng hate Kate. I don't like how Lina's situation ended, just like that. I don't know what is going to happen in the future, maybe she will seek revenge. But she disappeared. I wanted to see her suffer more and have the bad ending she deserved. [Sorry, I am not really a sadist... But she deserves at least for Kate to get a revenge on her (screw that promise she made to her father), or something VERY bad to happen to her.]

Kate is becoming more and more weak with time. This girl is supposed to be A LAWYER, yet, she doesn't even fight for her own rights. SHE IS A COWARD. She is completely useless, always gets saved, and everyone does everything for her.

Where is Nate? We are going to forget about him just like that? He was mad a few episodes ago...

I kinda feel bad for Tann, he has such a bad family, and ended up in a very complicated situation. He can't do anything. His father and his son are making things worse for him when he just wants to get back to the girl he originally loves and the real mother of Yucheng. I bet he doesn't have friends, either... Feel REALLY bad for him, his so called "best friend" also cheated him.

The Manhua is being very unfair at this point, I like the plot, art and everything, but I hope the story just comes to a good end.
Lia: Kate is an actual dumbass tbh
....: Yea Kate is just too much when it was Nate birthday and she came in with a hickey that was just sad in soooo many levels tbh and tann sleeping with Kate while she was drugged made it seem like they went back to square 1 all over
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Ming😑😑😑😑.......his brain is not working properly.....what is his problem

1.Of all the people Ming had affair with his friends wife🙄(though Tann was with her because of Yucheng)

2.Even though his sister tried to show Lina true colour he ignored😑😑

3.when his dear Lina got divorce....instead of being happy that they can be in relationship openly......he promised her to take revenge on Kate for destroying the marriage(Lina and Tann's)😐😐
4.Now he is scheming something.....for Kate(he has mixed something in her drink)
5.Instead of supporting Tann's regarding Kate......he is just backstabbing him.....what a good friend he is.🙄🙄😒

Ming's sister you did a good job in revealing the truth about Lina.....due which they are divorced now but don't even try to destroy this(Tann and Lina)😒....just focus on your brother and protect him from Lina😏😏
Tann save your future wife from your backstabbing friend 😑
kiridashi le otaku: I couldn't agree with you more! like, does he have a nut for a brain or what. it just pisses me off
Sowjanya Narayana: u deserve my respect dude💁‍♀️🤭
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your favourite neko~
To be honest, from the moment I read this story I pitied Katie so much. And wanted Tann and Katie together again but as soon as Nate got into the bigger and better picture. I started to root for him, and to him alone.

So Nate you deserve someone who cherishes you, who loves you unconditionally, who will never judge you and that person will never be Katie.

I’m sorry to crush all your hopes up but she is not the right woman for you.

When the time is right, your soulmate naturally comes.
jimin_bts (>y<)❤: Agree
HAPPY V-DAY!: Same, Nate for the win
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jyoti bagri
there's no logic or sense in this comic and characters. saying kate a lawyer is a big insult to lawyer profession.she dont even have average intelligence and she is a lawyer and CEO ?? what kind of bullshit!! why is she even a female lead?? there's literally NOTHING good in her. she is not a good human , not a good mother, no a good female, no skills. she is garbage. yeah a human who takes others help for granted is not a good human to me. she can bless her evil sister,cannot treat anyone bad but treat nate rudely and with ungratefulness who has given her what she has now. she and tann both are trash MCs .they really fit each other. its good nate is not gonna end up with this garbage.
🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸: Nice point 😊😊
Couch potato: I totally agree! Sometimes I feel like Kate should just disappear in thin air... She's doing nothing to let the story progress... She just acts helpless and dumb.
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Darin Nisrina
okay im settle,i love to ship kate and tann because from the very beggining that they were supposed to marry each other,and kate develop feelings for tann but tann clueless because he was forced to marry Lina which is kate sister,its not tann fault that he dont know anything okay i mean yess this story is slow but its getting there and i find it really interesting why???because idk why but i like this story,i know all of you want to ship nate and kate but for me i ship kate and tann sorry but i like them and theyre the main lead now nate is gonna have a partner so dont ship him with kate as you guys know the story will end as kate with tann so just be grateful that the author gives a chance to nate
Darin Nisrina: yuppo exactlyy,i mean kate and tann is perfect couplee
Ms Nerd Queen: Yeahh ikr... I just love Nate and Kate... I mean their genuine friendship (And NOT AS A SHIP)... Let's not forget that Nate helped Kate when she most needed it. So I just wish that they stay best friends forever. They are so cute and understanding together. I just wish that they don't have any misunderstanding...
I can totally see Kate shipping Nate with that red hair girl...
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