Mortals of the Doom
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Mortals of the Doom

Mortals of the Doom
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Mortals of the Doom Comics Online. A meteorite carrying a deadly virus crashed into the earth's atmosphere and turned people into the walking dead...
Ok, cliché aside—I clearly remembered I died years into the apocalypse, but why am I waking up this pre-doom high school room?
What's worse, I've got only 90 minutes before that meteorite lands!

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Kawaichi Chan
I suspected that she was the girl the moment the Mc and her met. The way she fought and how the creator let her give in to the Mc got meh suspicious after a few chapters a believed that was the girl and now this chapter just proved me right. Also ..... can this turn into a animation just like Noblesse from Wbetoon
Comette: They have to wait for Merakiscans to translate it before they release it
kirito : when new chapter will come?
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hikari takishima
It's funny when the dog sees Tiancheng as an angel when tiancheng give him lot of flower resin. And, its hilarious when the dog got scared because of Tiancheng's threat. 😂
I wish they would keep that dog coz I find him reliable beside shang bao.
hikari takishima
I kinda pity the doctor for his nearing end but Tiancheng is so right to wipe out that kinds of people. They are the ones that make people more miserable.
Girija Nair: no he did it purpously for reputation
ZEROTSUWAN 0: dang there is absolutely nothing i can read without having to but the next chapter with coins. AAAAHHHHHHH. I'm going insane!! 😩
total 2 replies
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