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Mortals of the Doom

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A meteorite crashed into the earth's atmosphere… It exploded into countless pieces, which fell around the world with its virus spreading in a flash! People infected the virus were all in a coma…They became monsters after gaining their consciousness and changed the world into hell!

MangaToon got authorization from ManYu to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
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I honestly love this comic, 50+ episodes in 1 day, thats insanee. Probably one of the best comics ive ever read. I love the plot, setting and the problems that the characters have. This story amazes me in every episode and just the whole concept of the story is just different from any other zombie story, the fact that the main characters develop powers to fight the monsters and the fact that monsters can gradually go through tiers just blows my mind which is why I love this story.
Nathaniel john Ledesma: uhh guys the last human and mortals of doom are still the same and they have different names but the protagonist (creator) of this manga is still the same
Kev Her: this isn't even his work / he's just takein credit from other people's work
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nooooooooo.........it can't end I only started reading dis yesterday and I'm already on the last recent chapter😭.........plzzzzzzz author can u plzz update daily cause ur killing me by making me wait😭😭😭😭😭😭
🖕You are the best🖕: same here i even got scolded by f*cking teacher
xan: no choice but to wait though
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Guy V
it's not their work, they are stealing it and putting locks on it,
you could read it for free on literally any manga website
also the REAL name of this manga is "the last human"
the people who are translating it are called "meraki scans"
you could read it FOR FREE at their website OR go to another manga website like mangadex
Guy V: @Mark Alexander Puyo
yes it is but I'm pretty sure that most of the translators are normal
Leomer Auregui: Good thing i didnt put money in this app. And good we can know read this awesome manga for free in other apps. Hee
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