Mortals of the Doom
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Mortals of the Doom

Mortals of the Doom
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Mortals of the Doom Comics Online. A meteorite carrying a deadly virus crashed into the earth's atmosphere and turned people into the walking dead...
Ok, cliché aside—I clearly remembered I died years into the apocalypse, but why am I waking up this pre-doom high school room?
What's worse, I've got only 90 minutes before that meteorite lands!

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uju ozurumba
I am only reading this to continue another comic
Gistylibucan Libucan: haha i read it again too just to remember what i forgot
uju ozurumba: i know right
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Ishtar, Goddess Of Fertility
In chapter 268 Xuan and Tiancheng will finally reunite, then she will pass out in the next episode after that then the flirting will begin then tells his time travel memories anout them two then Xuanxuan will have a nightmare where she was a red demon I wonder why tho I guess she's one of those that got touched by it that's it

What I'm saying is for a faster translation ASAP tho it's hard to translate but translator we will cheer for you
Selwyn Jayme: I searched it but the manga is chinese. sad
David Adriaz Falkner: thx for the spoilers alert notification? Kind of a douche move ijs
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You know what you're supposed to do? Make sure the enemy can't give you any threats. Like if they talk to you through screen, then bash the screen. The longer you stay, they might threaten you with any hostages or bribes. Example they want to say they have a hostage which is very dear to you. But if they can't communicate that to you, it's useless because people give in to their emotions to that hostage. If they don't know the price they pay, that mean you're already on an advantage. Just saying
I wouldn't act my age: But that guy's a madman he would have killed her little sis
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