Mortals of the Doom
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Mortals of the Doom

Mortals of the Doom
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Mortals of the Doom Comics Online. A meteorite crashed into the earth's atmosphere… It exploded into countless pieces, which fell around the world with its virus spreading in a flash! People infected the virus were all in a coma…They became monsters after gaining their consciousness and changed the world into hell!

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come on it should be atleast 2 updates
And what's up with the app i have #searched the #manga in my another account it doesn't show up only on my this account which is i have already #subscribe to it is showing not in the search panel what kind of bug is that. I m really pissed hey manga team look into this matter if u r reading my comment.
Pandakick: i did it
DRACRY: Bro i think u should contact their discord or leave ur comment on play store
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Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
damn! the mc is still badazz as ever! this is what it means to be a leader! you dont babysit all the time your members or theyll grow knowing nothing and being always the one who always stay in their comfort zone...a true leader teaches their members how to grow up and take care of yourself and make the right decisions for yourself to make!
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡ : i am inevitable!
6packs of absolute drinking water💪🏾💪🏾: i feel like i always see you in cooments section 😂
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my favorite by far but I feel like it's missing something.... like the characters need to find challenges where they cant just overcome it with there raw power but need to use there head more to be able to win! Make them struggle more for the excitement.
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