Phoenix Goes against the World
Fantasy / Historical / TimeTravel / Adventure / Unscheduled / Girl Power

Phoenix Goes against the World

Phoenix Goes against the World
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
Can't wait for tomorrow...🙃🙃😁😁

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🌸Cherry Blossoms🌸
why why why why why does she wants to kill beiyue she treated u so gud she always protected she even hepled u to become powerful damn u dongling I HATE U!!!!!!
Irin Sultana: well i guess she hates her cause she left her. and maybe its a misunderstanding
🌸Cherry Blossoms🌸: no she knows it
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Baka Green Tea
hahhaa that fool enemy did a good job by giving the crown prince a jade poison and only antidote was beiyue mother .. that's why the beiyue was born .. maybe because of this beiyeu mother was willing to take poison because she was already married and did adultery with crown prince to safe him 😬🤪
is she really gonna betray her previous master?i mean beiyu.didnt she know that because of her that she became stronf
Sakura Uchiha 🌸🍒
Well it's reasonable for Dongling to act like that but it's a bit too much.And I hope Beiyue will be safe......n author.....upspree pls...😣😣
Sofia Rosę
still cant believe her parents in this lifetime died and so is in the other lifetime sigh* no wonder shes so called blooded did she even feel love from a family?
army girl😘😘
*some human died*
*some animal died*
me: Nooooo
may ur soul fly to the heaven, rest in peace my dear
*crying super hard*
Nesrery: yeah I couldn't bear the pain when my dog die😭😭
Whilk 'n' Misky: soo true
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Kaya Barbeau
Hmmm. that purpled-hair woman is suspicious when she said to Dongling she can't have mercy... Dongling must be used or manipulated by this woman, that's weird...
Mr. Mysterious
I think yan is very handsome when he come's out from the prison
🦋Fassyahirah🦋: Yesss I think like that too😂 I really want to see his face
Riya: We all know all the characters in the reverse harem are extraordinarily handsome!
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Sofia Rosę
ouch to the chest but feng lianyi is well aware that the road to her heart is dark and full of rocks and cracks but you'll get there man you will
Sofia Rosę
black lotus doesn't want anyone being kind to him anymore it reminds him of Huang Beiyue so his afraid the thing with her will happen again
Precious Gamboa
more updates pls❤❤..i wanna know if what she gonna do in shura city.and maybe she meet black lotus there.i also wanna know if Beiyue gonna release Yan in dark water prison.❤❤
Irin Sultana
ahhh this is gonna be good. yue is coming and red lotus is also here.. waiting for a good fight. i hoping yue could tame the fire dragon.. whatever his name is
Blue Ayn Duché
yall i swear if dongling dies yall are real dead no matter how strong yall are FL has the spirit diety, bing, tiger, and squeaky if she gets older and stronger yall are REAL DEAD
Ellena Willson
When this beast can talk... does that mean tiger can also talk when he grows up?
eufreaks: if he grows that big maybe 🤔
Indrani Maity: yeah they can, I mean higher level beasts can talk
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wow. the king is feng lian yi right? so he is strongest than the rest of them right? omg i need a spoiler now
I'm sorry Dongling but I think I hate you now
Jestin Blithe
why does dongling have to fight our FL can't she go back to being a sweet girl
Jestin Blithe: yeah without our FL giving her a pill she wouldn't be strong right now
Srey Nich: I think she misunderstood something right if what I think ,she think that her master left her so she hate her .but I don't think she believes her master word anymore 😢😢😢😢
total 2 replies
Make a hole in hell... I'll give you credit for originality... but even the devil himself could not escape hell when he was punished there.
Nadia Serine Walts
cruel!??? you guys have been poisoning and bullying and stepping on her for he past years and months and days dude, so whos more cruel!?? its just right for her to kill all of you
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