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The World of Canglan

Spoiler alert .....................................................................................................
In further episodes Sangran will betray our wanwan together with wanwan's one pet which is the girl ghost from the pearl.We will know that there is no Sangran. She is a made up character. Wan will be locked. Senior Baili will be blackmailed. Lin will help wan to escape but sangran will destroy his cultivation. Sangran will kill wan for a tool. Baili will take wan to rescue her but wan will think he betrayed her and will jumpvin a valley. She will be about to die but her ghost pet which can transform will give his soul to her. Then the wenzhui ren the emperor of Langya will use his feather to save her but will suffer memory loss. Her peacock pet will go with him because he wants to cultivate and help wan. She will lose connection with her in game system. She will be left only with her mask. But Gemo will come out of the mask.
Charisse Grace Ochia: Is that an app?
Riya: Thunder roots.
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I will admit, the way I got into this story in the first place was because I came to get points. but, I read thu for the first 10 mins.. and kept on reading. I had fallen in love with the storytelling + artwork of this manga. so although I did come here for points, I actually ended up really enjoying the story. however, I find it infuriating when I come across comments that say they're only reading a story for points, because it's incredibly rude and belittling to the author who worked so hard to create these mangas. although I came for points in the first place, I kept it to myself.but I suppose the reason as to why you have an option to gain points from reading other mangas in the first place, is 1. to get points, but also 2. so that you might actually get attached to the story and begin to read another manga. in this case, it happened to me. so I think everybody who reads this manga and others, shouldn't just scroll thru the story, but actually READ it. it's seriously not that hard. I mean you have to stay on the mangas page for 10 minutes anyway, so why not just see what the story is about. it won't hurt anybody. as long as you be respectful to others who actually read and enjoy the story, because by saying you're only there for points is really disrespectful. I hope people see this comment and actually take this advise so that everyone can be more open minded and optimistic. thank you author for this great manga ;)
🐰♡Bubble♡K🐰: Hey!!!
I'm writing two novels on this app.
One is "Hide and seek" and other is "The beauty and the beast." If you are interested give both a try and leave your opinions there, si that i can improve and if you are not interested just ignore me and don't bad mouth me. Have a good day😋❤️
🖤DjFx_Astonisher🖤: The same as I. I got here for points but now I can't wait untill the next upload
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Nom nom OTW nilai 100
the girl with blue hair is very not nice , she is a fake friend , she only want something inside nina body , because of her nina teacher will die , she even tried to kill nina when she didn't need her any more , she will make a fake news that nina is dead and she will be the leader of the medicine camp ( I forgot the name of the place ) , but don't be sad cause nina will be moro student ( I see nina and moro as couple not as a teacher and student) , then nina will be so powerful , and nina will have a sweet revenge to blue haired girl , nina will take a half of moro soul that still in hell ( I forgot the name of the place again ) .
once again sorry
PLEASE FORGIVE ME !!!!!😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
May Jimenez
Hello guys ..well I am going to talk off the chapter if you want to read it then see or ignore it.

I think everyone knows that we should not use plastics as it is harmful for the environment. It has bad effects on animals and humans and many more. Our elders tells us to not use plastics. In schools children are taught to not use plastic polythenes , to not throw plastic bags here and there etc.
But a matter of fact these schools are also forcing children to cover thair copies with cover , which itself is a plastic. I don't know why teachers force children to cover their copies?
I think that we should ban covers as it is a plastic
if you think that it is necessary then try start with your community and if you think it is nonsense then ignore it.
꧁ 나단 🌹: Annyong🤗

Actually I use Construction Paper as my Cover😅
Your right too about plastic cover or so, I've seen many people, students, children etc. throwing plastics everywhere.

I Agree with you😄😊😇
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if you read on chapter 74.4 it's called 'Feng Qi Cang Lan'. it will show more about him, at first I was like you guys, saying to kill him but he isn't as bad as y'all think he is.
so the man that came now is his master he is also the reason why he wants watermelon because he has been looking for his master the whole time, his master left a city for the red boy to be the master of it. but he got mad and killed every one of them inthe village. then he realized what he did wrong and gave life to all the people there who were killed. so all the people in the village had died already but he shared his life which will shorten his too. so he will die now because his life is coming to an end and his last wish now is to see his master,
8 felt bad for him that I even cried trust me!
GrootyGroot_3000[Shadow Sovereign]: it was a very long narration but I made sure I finished it......
Shut Up THOT: xo xad😭😢😥😰
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Diocielle Tiongco Ricafrente
lian wan will be the winner of this competion. how ? how can she be the winner when she cannot make pills? she will breakthrough by getting the mission done. how ? she will be friends with that woman because she is also a great pharmacist there in the competiotn the one with hat with a cover in her face. she will give the last piece in her mission and will make a supreme pill and will be the winner

she will be the winner and will go to the celestial place and will be the owner of it. the male peacock will guide her and she will be the owner of it and even langya city. she will be known as the great pharmacist.
the toy boy governor will die he just wait for his master the male peacock price the celestial god. and after he saw celestial god he will die and will give the lagya city to lianwan

after it she will be wanted and yan moge (MC) will appear

she will made known thar mr. mu is sick and have 50 years to live. she will go to a mission to gather ingredients for mr. mu's medicine so he will be ok again but.
The first Show: where did u read it please tell me
Maryam Yekini: um I'm sorry but can anyone plz tell me how to get points I just read some comments talking about how people say they are just reading for points but I've been reading on this app for quite a while and I know nothing about points
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Ayaka Dugos
So Lianwan healed his mental damage (the fact that he has gone crazy all over the years because of looking for his majesty's soul) with the soul blood pill. I cant hardly believe it.

Duke of Langya wants to get close to Lianwan and take watermelon to revive his King? Is that what he wanted from the start? But it is said that Watermelon is the remaining descendant of that *peacock family*. Does he wants for clues or something?

Well, I guess Lianwan will do something for him not to die. after that, they will realise that Lianwan and Gemo is only one and will lose their trust on her.

I used to love Duke of Langya, you know. But he is going to die sooner or later. and updates are too slow. why not do it every 12 hours?
Guys help me promote some positivity!!
The chapters may be better shorter but at least the author posts everyday! I love reading this everyday even when the episodes are short. I just absolutely love this story.
Author might have things going on in their life that's making it harder to post. Let's support rather than complain :)
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
WTF THIS IS MIND BLOWING! so this what happened 10 thousand years ago at the great war 2 godly beings fought till death one is wans strongest account known as lord gemo (what dafck is her character even doing there, must be something related to time travelling or what ever since theres a time travel genre mentioned in this manga) 2nd is that immortal emperor the peacock or whatever lol the main point is what exactly is going on? how did wan's character gemo ended up there? and whats the relation between them? wtf well lets just ait and see what happens next! eyes on readers!
Katchan: your full of wtf hahahahah lol and this manga is getting more interesting👌❤🐽
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She's probably shocked because Feng can heal her self after what happened to her.
She probably thought that Feng will die there 😏..
I think, in her mind she's saying " why didn't she die?"..
If I were you, I would just give up on being a fake.
eeeh so is the romance thing gonna start here now? 🤔 so confused bc of the cover its her and gemo and genre says romance but its freaking ep220 till now there's no romance in it and suddenly Gemo appeared in a different identity and she's sorrounded by males i think the genre should be harem right noh? 😂😂
Krissssy: gemo and yingshou are one person. she is just transforming into gemo
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casiphato 💙

in the upcoming episodes she will be imprisoned by the innocent girl she met in the pill refining copmetetion and . her mater mu will be DEAD . THEN she will be blamed for her maters death and the kept in prison . then that innocent girl will kill her to get the mirror .
but somehoe she will be alive . then THE MAIN PART the boy who has ice root will be the one decieving her along with that girl . and then he will eventually KILL HER by accident .


ARMY: can you plz tell me what website it was?????😭😭😭😭😭😭😭pweeeeeeseeeeeeee
casiphato 💙: its not ranran that betrayed her its zheng zie THAT BETRAYED HER FOR THE MIRROR. and even ALMOST KILLED HER
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BTS army💖💖
hi everyone. I have not seeing this comic for past one month due to my exams so I could not comment or see this comic. but when I started reading this comic from where I left after coming to know that the" toy boy" died I felt so bad and feel so happy to know that our female lead has become such a great person and she can even transform into 'Gemo'...... I felt like god is really great and the author who has created this story ,I have no words to say. ............
blue haired girl should die☺☺
かわいい: No, this can't be...
꧁Łบςץ☘꧂: well...........
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I think the blue haired girl tripped on purpose cuz if u look back one if the panels her face shows how she wanted to be injured and i think she us faking it. Im not really sure about this, but it just my theory. Anyone else think if its true or not?
name: Yep ur right!!! She was like : OMAGAH I'manna trip on purpose cause I know fashion!
Lucy: That fake asss bitch is getting on my nerves. U find out soon lol
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SasuSaku Uchiha
She was framed
She almost died
A friend and servant betrayed her
Everything she loved died even master Mu and under a seduction spell (I don't y xd) da ice cultivator dude even the young cultivator became an animal
All she cared died
The celestial God saved her
But Gedo comes to train her
Reflects the things that she had done on always relies on her things
And Gedo acknowledges her
And it was a beautiful story and even myself cried 😭😭😭😭😭
i know that these episodes are really short but at least the author tries to post everyday i mean it probably takes a lot of work to do these comics and thinking about all of the dialogue and scenes so thank you author :)
Suki Yang: actually, its translated over everyday...
creds to author thank you for hard work!
Nicky: I agree with you too☺️
at least the author updates new episodes daily
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Iz ur girl ella.
I hate him cuz he wuz tryin to hurt our beautiful FL!;-; but now when i saw him dissapear i felt very sad... but i knew it was coming cuz theres some people who kept saying some spoilers but i still can't accept it now hes gone T^T U ARROGANT TOY BOY!we will miss u 😢😢
how can u be so sure that ren is evil?welll im just wonderin because every comment i read is talking bad about her .im sorry because i just dont want to judge without an evidence because it hurts to be judged😢😢
kill the bich group: i know right but ik the people who say it knows the future episodes so they r warning us
Samantha: ahhh ok... sorry for my ignorance....
well are u watching harry potter?because your name ...
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