My Son is A Matchmaker
Romance / Comedy / CEO

My Son is A Matchmaker

My Son is A Matchmaker
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My Son is A Matchmaker Comics Online. The life of paparazzi was never easy. She was a news reporter, a paparazzo. And he was a super idol, the Prince Charming of millions of girls! However, the first time they met was just like a drama. What's more dramatic, fate brought their sons together and they looked astoundingly alike. Now the naughty boys had their own plans in mind...
Will their cunning plan succeed in the end?

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how old is this kid?? when I was 12, I thought babies are born when u kiss someone!!😂
V💜: Ikr dude
Hun Hon Han Hin Hen😂🐔: Hahahaha. I still hate that kind of movie. Harry Potter is the best story I ever watch.
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Professor [MYSTIC]
I really really like this story. It kinda a resembles to "bring your mommy home/You look like my son's mommy". I'm really looking forward for this story. But I only hope author doesn't lock this book just like the one who did it in "you look like my son's mommy" I was so pissed after Chapter 11 in that book that I found it free online. I tried to look for this book too but couldn't find it. Which kinda tells this story actually came in 2020. I really like I graphics so I hope they don't change it like they do in other comics (trouble with the president returns). keep it up author.

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I M FIRE🔥: Hlw sir/mam..
It's Elina here...
I would really appreciate it.. if u read my stories nd give me ur honest review.. I m a rookie I need some guidance hope u read my stories. 🥺☺
CH*TIYAPE KI NASHAA: nothing... Mr advertiser
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
Nyahahaha This Twins are so damn cute!!! There is no need DNA test for sure!!! One is papa’s copy and paste!!! Another one is mama’s copy and paste!!! 😂😂😂
They’re handling their own problems on their own!!!
- Wealthy Twin is using his money power but failed!!! Money is a powerful but useless for this DNA test!!! He failed!!! 😂😂😂
- Playful Twin is using his cute side and succeeded!!! Being a pitiful and cute is really an useful for this DNA test!!! 😍😍😍
Boys are so damn cute and smart lol 😝
Just A Shipper101: True tho hahaha. The one who wrote this comment is spammed ahahahaha.
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