Tomin in The Alien World
Action / Fantasy / TimeTravel / Adventure

Tomin in The Alien World

Cloud Studio
Tomin in The Alien World
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Tomin in The Alien World Comics Online. Tomin seems to be a handsome and laughing boy, but in fact he has another identity - professional killer. After an action, he accidentally crosses the chaotic alien world, and the place of rebirth is the battlefield. Since then his everything has only existed in the legend...

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Hottest Comments
wow I really never though that our Arrow general is going to Kill unrivaled I though he will injured him badly at most but last arrow shot in neck killed him.
now his older brother is in possession of rage he gonna chase him and get ambushed like his brother and die just like that.
now I am very curious with this outstanding victory what TOMIN gonna give him as a reward.
Elise De Marden: spoiler alert😃🤣🤣😆
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Tray Jordon
the chapter is good but people are getting to hasty i know this manga has been going on for quite some time sometime now because i started this a while back and stopped reading because of some gay tendencies and was updating to slow but love this man super worth the wait just hope unrivalled gets his head chopped off and brought back to tomin even if the new guy dies trying.
Booty- Warrior: I realy like this story but I don’t have enough points too keep on reading and I don’t feel like watching vids imma just find something else
god of death: just why
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jamless potatoe
kinda dissapointed about the author because in the 2nd or 3rd chap tomin was like "mofo's imma behead you anytime anywhere" type of character, tbh i loved that pyscho smile that he shows especially when he kills is so badass and he's not afraid to face the foe head on but after a few chaps he seems to lose that and im genuinely sad about that. miss that devilish and pyscho side of tomin
Samuel Lalhruaizela: well it cant be helped bruh.. hes no longer the cold blooded assasin who alwys act as a lone wolf but rather hes a governor and general of an army now he got his bros to look after
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