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Tomin in The Alien World

Cloud Studio
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Tomin seems to be a handsome and laughing boy, but in fact he has another identity - professional killer. After an action, he accidentally crosses the chaotic alien world, and the place of rebirth is the battlefield. Since then his everything has only existed in the legend...

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Ok, Cloud Studio and artist. I have one request for you and i think i speak in the name of many people watching this. Please take your time with these chapters to make them good. We know you are posting them daily, and you are hardworking to make the best story possible, but rushing chapters day after day will eventually cause loss of quality and story line(a k a missing chapters), soo please take your time to create and post these. we will wait cause we love this series.
Ahmad Mannan: lol..wait...u do know that the raw is 265 on on going right? this website translate for us...and theybdoing it daily one causw of popularity and peoples donation and 2 cause it can be done due to the amount of raw available
Mohamed Hussein: Anyone know where to find the raw
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I’m starting to think that they got rid of the “Correction Mode” part of the app because they just realized it would take too long to go back and correct all of the mistakes every time they put out a daily or multiple times weekly chapter. I’m still getting likes from corrections I made over a month ago, before they discontinued it, which means that they never actually corrected it. How pointless. It was such a freaking good idea, too! Such a shame.
Meghan Cummings
About time ...the couple episodes before were meh. Had to throw the sex scene before this?!? I think it was unnecessary. Author, I love the story, but could you please just stick to the action & gruesome badass fighting. This is why this manga became my favorite of all on MangaToon. But if it starts to lead to romance or cheesy sex scenes; I’ll have to hard pass and unsubscribe. Furthermore, as positive feedback , I love the plot and how the story is progressing. Keep up the good work!! 😁👌🏻
god Man: I doubt the manga is nearly over that would mean the ending is rushed
Rem kanji: I think the whole point of the romance is to show that Tomin is so badass that he doesn't follow tropes of getting a harem buy just looking at them instead Tomin is not dense like the typical protagonist and actually gets laid like a real man
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